Skincare Journal wk32: Scrub a dub, Origins peel and Boscia Tsubaki powder

While it is important to exfoliate, there are many ways to accomplish that–manual methods such as scrubs or tools, chemcial methods such as acid or enzyme peels. I’m currently trying to finish up my sample of Origins Modern Friction pads (go figure, the one time I manage to coax the Sephora saleslady into giving me a generous sample, it have to be of something I turned out not to like.

It’s not a bad product. I can feel the peel working with more refined skintone/pores, but the pads feel so scratchy! If you are a fan of the Modern Friction scrub, which have big sparse grains, then you should be fine. If you have sensitive skin, it will feel scratchy when rubbed against the skin. However, it does make the skin feel smooth, and I experienced no sun sensitivity when using it twice a week. With that said, I was in the mood for something gentler, so I got a sample of Boscia Tsubaki Exfoliating Powder.




This is my first time using a powder exfoliant (I’ve heard it compared to Tatcha, which I don’t have, and AmorePacific Enzyme peel, which I have but still haven’t tried). It is a fine powder base, which becomes a cream/lather, with sparse amount of rice/bean grains as the only exfoliant. You can adjust the exfoliating power by the amount of water you add. You need more powder and less water than you think. The 1/3 – 1/2 sample jar was enough for one use over the entire face, and I added a little too much water so it’s more smoothie consistency than toothpaste, but somewhere inbetween might be better. It foams like a cleanser and feels nice when massaged. I was a little worried it’s not going to be exfoliating enough, but it left my face feeling smooth and clean. If you have dry skin you can even add Tsubaki oil instead of water for a more hydrating exfoliant. It is interesting and it works, I like how it’s gentle but thorough and customizable. However, powder seems messy and inconvinient, so I’m not warming up to these types of scrubs yet.

Skin condition: I can feel some under the skin bumps that can become acne or whiteheads, but I’m not sure what’s causing them and it bugs me. I have been wearing more face makeup lately, trying to find a foundation that matches me, but I’ve also been taking extra care to try to thoroughly cleanse my skin. Fingers crossed they disappear before they surfacess.

Products used: Origins peel pad once, Boscia Tsubaki powder once in terms of exfoliator. For masks I used Origins Charcoal, Origins Ginzing, and PTR rose once this week. Other than that same routine as usual:

  • Origins Checks and Balances cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore Toner
  • Caudalie Vinoperfect serum
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Clinique Moisture Surge gel cream
  • Murad Essential + C spf30

Since I’ve been cleansing thoroughly because of makeup, I didn’t switch the Clinique moisture surge for a lighter moisturizer for fear of dry skin, but maybe I overcleansed and over-moisturized? Maybe I should try the Boscia oil-free night or Kate Somerville oil-free next week…..

Other influence: Diet is normal and I finally picked up exercise again. I really should exercise earlier in the day since too late means I don’t fall asleep easily….


3 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk32: Scrub a dub, Origins peel and Boscia Tsubaki powder

  1. Oh interesting, I have the Origins Brighter by Nature Peel pads, And i assume they are the same pads in the modern friction, They are scratchy but my face can handle it. I’ve been very curious about the Boscia Powder. I was hoping it would have some scrubby bits in it. My skin around my nose flakes, and i need a good scrub sometimes. It seem to be like the AmorePacific peel, Which is okay. but i agree, powders are a little messy to work with.

    1. they are scratchier than Brighter by Nature, but my skin didn’t feel so sensitive after regular use. Maybe it’s milder chemical or maybe my skin has adjusted to peels since then.

      I need to try the AmorePacific peel, but yeah, chemical peel is nice and all, but sometimes you want something to scrub with. =)

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