Lip swatches: sheer red edition, and Guerlain fall 2014 kiss kiss lipstick

If you haven’t ventured into the realm of the red lip colors, is it because the bold color feels intimidating? or is it too bold? If so, then why not start with a sheer red instead of a bold opaque red? A sheer red is more forgiving with different skin color and can be toned down to be more friendly. I recently got a mini of Guerlain’s new Kiss Kiss lipstick for fall in a giveaway, and since I already did one for red, MLBB and orange, now seems like a good time for a sheer red lip color post.



The sheer reds that we will be playing with today are….

  • Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick in 325 Rouge Kiss – It have a mild floral scent. It is a sheer pink red with a balm texture/finish.
  • Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 400 – It have a mild sweet scent. It is a sheer dark, pink-toned red with a balm texture/finish.
  • Tarte Lipsurgence Lip tint in Festive – It have a mild mint scent with very slight cooling feeling on the lip. It is a sheer pink red, the sheerest one of the bunch, with a hint more red/less pink than Guerlain Rouge Kiss.
  • Revlon Colorburst Lip butter in 035 Candy Apple – It have a mild mint scent. It is a warm orange red, it is sheer-med coverage, more pigmented than the other ones, but still have that lip balm texture/finish.
  • Diorific 014 Dolce Vita – It have a perfume floral scent with a creamy texture. It is opaque warm bold red. It’s a creamy red lipstick rather than sheer red, but it’s newly acquired so I’m just throwing it in here. =P


Yes, it’s summer and it’s so hot that even my lipsticks are sweaty. It doesn’t affect the product in anyway, just an effect of the summer and the condensation goes away when the temperature cools. In any case, below are the swatches, in two different lightings, then after being wiped off with a tissue. I have to do 6 or 7 swipes for Tarte to show up at that intensity while it only took 2 or 3 for the other ones.


As you can see, the Tarte doesn’t leave much of a stain, the Guerlain Kiss Kiss and Giorgio Armani leaves a pinky red stain while Revlon leaves a warm orange stain. They are mildly hydrating, but if you have chronic dry lips, I would still recommend wearing a lip balm underneath (or go for one of the tinted Fresh Sugar lip balms). If you would like to see more swatches of the Guerlain’s new Kiss Kiss lipsticks in different colors, check out these blogs here, here and here.


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