What does Chanel, lace and luminous skin have in common? Dentelle Precieuse powder

I never pay much attention to highlighter and luminizers since I have shiny/oily skin, but at some point I realized the look/finish of shiny/oily skin is different from that of a satin/luminous finish. I have also never really looked at Chanel before, since most SAs I have encountered at department stores are a little snobby for my taste. But while browsing the Nordstrom Anniversary sale catalog, I couldn’t stop looking at the Chanel Dentelle illuminating powder. It was previously only available in Europe, but since it is now available in US…..maybe now is the time for my first Chanel. =)



From the Chanel website: An illuminating powder with two contrasting rosy beige and copper shades that perfectly sculpt the face with a sheer, luminous finish. An exclusive creation embossed with a precious lace motif that Gabrielle Chanel particularly loved. This delicate powder offers an adjustable satiny result with its beveled brush applicator.
A subtly iridescent and evanescent powder texture for an instant beautifying effect.


Finally! A velvety pouch that have a flap so the powder won’t slip/fall out, and I appreciate the fact it also include a place to put a brush, which is soft and picks up the powder easily. The lace pattern is very detailed and intricate, absolutely gorgeous. The powder have a silky texture and have a lighter and darker shade, as shown by the photo above. However, the division of color is not clear and it’s probably better to just use it together. The one thing I fear the most with powder highlighter/luminizer is glitter, sparkle or shimmer. This powder is finely milled and produce a very pretty sheen, a glow with no glitter/shimmer in sight. When used with a brush, the effect is also very subtle, so you can use it for subtle contour/highlight without becoming a lightbulb.




Even after being swatched and used a couple times, the pattern is still prominent, so it is going to stay around for awhile. I love the luminous, but not shiny or glittery, glow it gives. My face is a bit darker than my arm, so the highlighter doesn’t give a bronze effect or much color, just a warm glow. While $80 is a bit much, quality over quantity. The only other highlighter I have is Anna Sui Mystic Rose, which is cool-toned, so I consider it justified (altho my wallet still hurt).chaneldentelle

Whether or not it’s worth it to you, depends on how many highlighters you have, how often you use them, and of course financial restraint. Chanel comes out with pretty highlighters every year, I prefer the lace pattern over the other patterns, but if you aren’t particularly hung up on the lace part or the exact shade, I’m sure there will be other pretty patterns next year with a slightly different undertone/finish. For comparison of Dentelle to past Chanel highlighters, check out these blog here, here and here. Enjoy!


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