Skincare Journal wk30: Sephora rose and pearl sheet masks

Recently it seems everybody is jumping on the sheet mask bandwagon. While they were difficult to find a couple years ago, they are now produced/sold everywhere, including Sephora. And they didn’t come out with just one mask, but a whole series. I already found some masks I like, but the ingredients looked good, and those bright colors……the cute round packagings……don’t you just want to collect them all? Well, I’ve tried too many sheet masks to care, so I limited myself to two that targets brightening, the rose mask and the pearl mask.



The packaging is cute, and the mask packet is in the circle with a slice off shape shown on the website. When I tore open the package, it is just a sheet of cloth folded, no tray or plastic sheet on one side.  The sheet is not thick like Shiseido and not filmsy like Wei. It is a bit stiff, but not so much that it won’t adhere to your face properly. The mask have the sephora squiggle pattern embossed on it, and the sheet is wet but not as super wet/almost drippy as the other masks. Both the rose and pearl mask feels the same, it’s pleasant with no tingling/warming sensation or such. The rose one have a very mild rose scent while the pearl one have…..a mild plastic/chemical-y scent? is this what powdered pearls are suppose to smell like? *shrug*

Anyways, they were very soothing and calming on. When I took them off they were still half damp, so I rubbed the leftover on my neck.  While both rose and pearl are moisturizing and calming, they don’t really brighten (not as much as Fresh Rose mask or When Snow Angel). There are also a bit of leftover serum in the packet, but not as much as the other masks I have tried. The serum is a liquidy gel consistency, kind of remind me of the Wei masks. It is not bad for the price and have good ingredients, if you want a cheap thrill or need something to satisfy the minimum shipping requirement online.

Skin condition: No whiteheads or blemish this week! Woohoo! It turns out junk food does make me more blemish prone, it’s not guaranteed like with spicy food, but I see whiteheads almost forming and had to be more diligent/thorough with cleansing and careful with moisturizing to keep them away.

Products used: How ironic is it that the Sephora SAs always give me tiny teeny samples when it’s something I want/like (*cough* glamglow) but generously when it’s something that I don’t. I’ve still got at least 2-3 weeks worth of Origins Modern Friction peel pads left. Aside from the peel pads instead of scrubs, I used Sephora pearl mask and finally added a serum to my regimen:

  • Origins Checks and Balance cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum
  • Clinique Moisture Surge gel cream
  • Murad Essential+C spf30

The Caudalie serum is rather hydrating and a little too stuffy for summer, so I have to remember to apply sparingly and also apply the moisturizer afterward sparingly. It’s been a week and so far my skin seems to like it.

Other influences: So…….some of my very evil friends might have enticed me into trying limited edition flavor Oreos…….and I may have consumed way too much berry, birthday cake, banana split, and reese peanut butter cup Oreos in the last couple of weeks, along with A LOT of milk. *cough* On the other hand I did not eat other junk food, and while Oreos don’t give me breakout like overdose of cocoa/dark chocolate does, it is impossible not to gain weight. I didn’t have as much self-control as I thought, so I think it’s better for me to not buy Oreos from now on. =O


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