Crouching Wulong Hidden Dragon: Guerlain Wulong compact & Dragon swatches

I wasn’t into high end cosmetics until last year, and the wulong compact from Guerlain was filed away in my “too late” and “too expensive” category of things that escaped me…..until recently, when I found it hidden on eBay. And for a reasonable price, too, from a nice eBay seller, germ1123. It’s too expensive for me to risk it being fake, so I end up getting a Burberry lipstick first and confirmed with US Burberry rep that it’s legit, and asked for picture of bottom to check the batch number of wulong before finally splurged for it. She was responsive and threw in two cute buttons as freebie, yay! The powder had a small chip when it arrived so I asked for some $$ back for it, considering how expensive it is, and she easily agreed. I would definitely order from her again when it comes to Asian Exclusive or LEs. And she’s got lots of old Limited Edition meteorites including all the ones I had in this post if you want them. “Wu” means dark/black and “long” means dragon in Chinese, so the compact is literally named Black Dragon.


Just like most high end compact, it comes in a pouch. I never understood the concept of those open pouch since there’s no closure. Unless you put it in its own compartment/pocket, in which case there is no need for a pouch, it does a terrible job of protecting the compact since it slips out easily. Now, onto the compact, it’s a magnetic closure but with the design/shape of the compact I don’t think there is a risk of it open up when dropped or something. Why would you be at risk of dropping it? because IT IS HEAVY!!! You know how in movies the main character always gets shot/stabbed at crucial moment, then after some slow motion anguish it is revealed that they have something thick and sturdy that blocked it? yeah, this would be that something. It’s heavier than my smartphone and I’m almost convinced it’s bulletproof. wulong4

Now enough about the packaging, onto the powder itself! It have the signature powdery floral scent that all Guerlain meteorites have. I have a soft spot for pretty powders, and the dots of different colors is just too cute. Just like other meteorites, the powder does not give much color, but more of a satin/luminous finish with a very light beige tint that disappears into my light/med skintone. It doesn’t blur texture/pores as much as the Les Voilettes powder, but I think that’s because LV is matte while this is matte+very tiny shimmer (that are almost impossible to tell unless you look for it). Here’s picture of the powder in different lighting (click on it to see enlarged/detailed picture).

wulong closeup


My impression is that the pressed powders are not as shimmery as the LE meteorites pearls, so I pulled out my Meteorites Perles du Dragon for a bit of comparison. The Dragon pearls have some similar colors but also some pearls that are darker than the pressed powder. And I finally figured out how to swatch meteorites, it’s better to dig the finger in the loose powder than trying to get them off the balls so that’s what I did. It is still very hard to see, so put on your glasses and squint your eyes….


As you can see, Wulong is more beige while Dragon Pearls have a pinker tint to it. The Dragon Pearls are also more shimmery while Wulong also have a matte aspect to it. You can see the shimmer in both but the matte part of Wulong is darker to see/show. Overall I do like the powder, but the heavy weight and lack of an applicator makes it impractical to carry around. With that in mind, the Les Voilettes is more versatile and matte, which I like since my skin is usually quite shiny and it’s great for touch up midday. Do I think Wulong is good quality and look lovely? yes. Do I think it’s worth $100+? Well, a normal high end powder would cost $50-$80 and this compact is refillable (it takes Mythic 01 as refills). I got it for ~$130-140 total, which is cheaper than the compact from the regular line for $175, so whether or not its worth it depends on if you like the compact and is/plan to regularly use mythic 01 powder. I haven’t tried mythic 01, but it’s just a matter of time at the speed I’m going. =X


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