MLBB: My Lips But Better lipstick swatches (and Fall Tom Ford info)

Of the many makeup jargons, I’ve never understood MLBB. My lips but better? Why wear lipstick if you don’t want it to be noticeable? As I transition from a tinted lip balm girl to lipsticks (tried gloss, not my type), I’ve slowly come to appreciate the many shades of colors aside from bold red or pink. Sometimes you want a bold, dramatic lip, but sometimes you want the emphasis to be on the eyes instead or want a lipstick for business/conservative environment. In those cases, you might want something that’s not so in-your-face but without a lipstick the look is not quite complete, like if you are wearing a suit then black sneakers instead of a pair of heels. That’s where MLBB comes in…MLBB_lipstick

They enhance or compliment your lips without making them the center of attention, so that people will think “her lips look nice” instead of “that’s a nice lipstick”. It can be something that’s a shade brighter, a shade darker, a shade cooler or a shade warmer. Personally I prefer brighter warmer shade since my lips are of a cooler tone, but here are all the MLBB type of lipsticks that I have and will swatch today. =)MLBB_lipstick2

Without further ado, they are:

  • Tom Ford Lip Color in Casablanca
  • Givenchy Le Rouge in 103 Brun Createur
  • Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD142
  • Burberry Lip Cover in Pink 03
  • Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Sweet Spot

They are all creamy enough to glide on well, but not so creamy that you end up applying too much or smears. I don’t find any of them particularly hydrating but none of them are drying. They have a creamy finish, except for Burberry Cameo Pink, which have tiny gold shimmer scattered in it.


The top is 5 swipes of the lipstick, and the bottom is after they are blotted with tissue paper twice. The shades are semi-opaque, but can be toned down if you blot a bit (and apply lip balm or gloss over it, however you like). I also took dozens of pictures of it on my lips, tried three times, and just could not get a good picture to come out. So I give up, and swatches are all I have. When I wipe the swatches, they do leave stains, but it isn’t really fair to compare them and judge which one clings better since they are all different colors.

My personal favorite MLBB have to be the Burberry in Cameo Pink, which is part of the permanent line according to the Burberry rep I emailed, but is currently out of stock in a lot of places. However, Sweet Spot is my first Tom Ford lipstick and I’m liking the formula as well as the ingredients. There may or may not be more Tom Ford in my future. =P

BurberryTF_ingredientsSpeaking of Tom Ford, the fall collection will be out at end of August but according to a nice SA from Neiman Marcus in Houston that I chatted with, they are already preselling them. Here is a list of the upcoming product, and this blog post have nice pictures of the products and swatches. I may or may not “need” that Twist of Fate lipstick. =O

So, what’s your MLBB lip product?




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