Skincare Journal wk28: Marc Jacob Kiss Pop

I got an email a few days ago about early access of new products from Marc Jacob, so I hopped over to take a look. The packaging and naming are sleek and cute, Marc Jacob style. There’s the lip crayon, Kiss Pop; eyeshadow stick, Twinkle Pop; a new mascara, O!mega Lash; sheer tinted moisturizer stick, Smart Wand; and a couple new shades for his regular line of products.

His cosmetic line quality seems to be a hit or miss so I bought two Kiss Pop for now. According to Sephora, it is “a dynamic lipstick that offers lightweight wear and staying power. ” More specifically, Kiss Pop is suppose to “give lips a burst of color—and hydration—when you swipe on this gel lip shade from Marc Jacobs. From nudes to brights, Kiss Pop offers the perfect color that lasts for hours. This high-performance lip gel features an oversized design, and is travel-friendly for convenient application.”


Instead of being chubby stick-esque, it is more of a slightly oversized lipstick with a crayon/pointy tip. Eventho it says “lip gel”, it’s actually more of a creamy matte lipstick. When applied, it glide on fine but is not very creamy. It doesn’t give hydration like tinted lip balm, but doesn’t dry your lips out. There’s really no scent and no tingling sensation etc. It is more on the opaque side and can be bold. It does smudge if you don’t blot, but if you do then it wears pretty well and leaves pretty stain after awhile.It reminds me of Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint, which I have in Fiery and swatched here, but this is smoother, less drying and have no minty feeling.

Basically if you don’t like matte or bold colors and prefer lipsticks with more hydration, I would not recommend it. However, if you want a bold matte lipstick with no fragrance that is slightly creamy and does not dry out your lips, this is worth checking out. I haven’t tried/swatched other new products, but if you are eyeing Twinkle Pop, this blog have swatches of all the colors of the eyeshadow stick as well as the Highliners.

UPDATE: Sephora got them instore so I swatched all of them. The lighting made them look creamy, but that’s because I piled it on and it’s more matte on the lips.MJKisspop1

Skin Condition: With it being so hot and everything feel stuffy, I haven’t been taking care of my skin as much as I should. Boo for 2 whiteheads. Pores look a little worse for wear, probably due to lack of exfoliation and frequent cleansing (been just getting by with cleansing water+eye cream on a couple of days).

Product used: Aside from Clinique 7 day scrub cream and Origins Charcoal mask, the rest of the regimen stayed the same:

  • Origins Checks and Balance cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore Toner
  • Tarte Maracuja eye cream
  • Clinique moisture surge gel cream
  • Origins Perfect World spf25

I would like to use up some of the Origins Modern Friction peel pad next week, and maybe a hydrating sheet mask, otherwise no change.

Other influences: I haven’t been drinking much water and has been sleeping irregularly, so that can’t be good for skin. Busy busy too busy….@.@


2 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk28: Marc Jacob Kiss Pop

  1. Thank you for the details on this lip product. Ive been seeing a lot of people talking about this because it’s new. Love your honest review

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