Karuna Antioxidant and Brightening mask reviews

Continuing the Karuna mask trend, where I introduced and reviewed the Clarifying/Exfoliating masks, I will be reviewing the brightening and anti-oxidant masks. There is still the Age-defying and Hydrating masks left, but seeing as I’m too young to see effect from the Age-defying mask and a glance at the ingredients showed that Hydrating mask and Anti-oxidant masks have basically the same ingredients, I decided to leave those for the fall instead. Summer is the time for tan and sun damage, neither of which I am a fan of, so I am countering it with the Brightening and Anti-oxidant masks.


Karuna Anti-oxidant Face Mask

Application: When I tear open the package, no scent greeted me, and I have to put my nose up to it to detect a mild, round smell. It reminded me of coconut, but from the ingredients I suppose it comes from the tea. When applied, it feels pleasant on the face, with no warming sensation like the Clarifying or almost imperceptible stinging of the Exfoliating mask. With the lack of smell and warming/stinging/tingling sensation, I would say this is good even for sensitive skin. When I rubbed the leftover serum on my hand, it turned white a bit. I thought it was going to start foaming, but it disappeared and sank in well.

Effect: After taking the mask off, my skin feel hydrated and after rubbing the leftover serum on, there is a bit of residue (as with most sheet mask) and is hydrated enough I don’t need a moisturizer. There is enough serum to pat on afterward but not so much it won’t absorb or have to be used again. It is suppose to soothe the skin and reduce redness. It did not reduce my redness, and I’m assuming they meant redness from irritation/external inflammation rather than natural redness, because it certainly soothes my irritated/inflamed whiteheads. Often times we are afraid of moisturizing the skin when there’s a breakout, in case the pore gets clogged etc, but dry skin doesn’t heal well and I would say this is really appropriate for hydration for all skin types, whether you are sensitive or blemish prone.


 Karuna Brightening Face Mask

Application: This mask also have a very mild scent, a bit floral with a hint of sweet/fruity. The serum absorbs well and there’s no tingling/warming sensation when the mask is on, so it’s off to a good start. When I took off the mask, there isn’t a significant brightening, however temporary. There is a film left after rubbing on leftover serum, like most mask, it’s not as heavy as some, but it’s not as weightless as Clarifying.

Effect: What I have forgotten, is that my skin does not like salicylic acid, it makes my skin red and dry without doing anything to the blemish. The skin under my eyes are somewhat sensitive and when I was rubbing in the leftover serum, there was a very mild sting in those area. I would say if your skin is somewhat sensitive to salicylic acid, using the mask is okay, but save the leftover serum for next day instead of piling on every last drop. If your skin likes salicylic acid then go for it, but my skin tend to get red and dry with it, so it got slightly pinker instead of brighter the next day. =/

Now, I did intend to review Karuna Renewal Eye Mask here but end up grouping it with other eye masks on my post about pampering your eyes. While you can multi-mask, I would prefer doing a whole face sheet mask instead of sheet for eyes and other masks elsewhere (unless the skin under your eyes is very different from the rest, where it’s oily or more blemish prone and you want to use a mud mask instead). And that is that, I’ve still got two Sephora sheet masks that I plan to try, but I bought some very pretty and exciting makeup that I just can’t wait to show, so, look forward to some Tom Ford and Guerlain in the next couple of weeks! Ciao!


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