Skincare Journal wk27: GlamGlow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment

Previously on Chic Dabbling, I went through a GlamGlow phase and reviewed all the masks — the clay Supermud(white) and exfoliating Youthmud (black), the hydrating Thirstymud, and the eye mask Brightmud. They recently came out with a cleansing mask, so of course I have to review it, both for completion’s sake and curiosity. It is called Powermud, “a mud-to-oil, gentle, deep cleansing treatment that removes the weekly buildup of dirt, oil, and makeup. ” Basically it’s 4 oil + 4 clay/mud to condition, purify and deep clean the skin. I’ve never tried a cleansing mask before, so this piqued my interest. Why would you use this, when you have to use a cleanser beforehand? And is your skin so unclean that it would need a cleansing mask in addition to the makeup remover and normal cleanser??

GlamGlow DualCleanse

Application: It applies like a thin creamy mud with a bit of grains in it, not oily at all. There is a noticeable smell of green apple, maybe a little fermented, when applied. The first time I tried it my skin was a bit irritated/sensitive and I felt a slight burning sensation for ~half min then it went away as the mud dries. The next couple of times I felt a tingling sensation, not uncomfortable, and figure it might be due to the witch hazel, which is the 4th ingredient on the list. It rinses off nicely, not oily and clinging to the skin or leaving a greasy film like oil cleanser.

Effect: Well, it did leave my skin clean and hydrated, but it did nothing for my pores and left my whiteheads slightly irritated. The idea is great, and it reminds me of Chantecaille clay mask in that it seems to be hydrating (oil) and oil/blemish controling (clay), but it is not as calming as Chantecaille and I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive/tender skin. If you were looking for a serious clay mask to detox/blemish clearing, look elsewhere (black/exfoliating Glamglow and Murad clarifying are a bit drying, white Glamglow is gentler, and Origins Charcoal is cheaper and what I use).

Skin condition: Sadly, the GlamGlow Powermud did nothing for my pores and irritated my whitehead. It got bigger and was irritated/painful. I was able to calm it when I used the Karuna Anti-oxidant sheet mask the next day and it healed faster. I am now whitehead-free (*knocks on wood*) but my pores doesn’t look as good as last week when I used the Philosophy enzyme peel. Other than that nothing’s new, there are some skin colored bumps and it’s a tad oily.

Products used: Used GlamGlow twice this week, and the Karuna Antioxidant sheet mask. Other than that, business as usual:

  • AmorePacific Gentle Treatment foaming cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • Tarte Maracuja eye brightening treatment
  • Clinique Moisture Surge gel cream
  • Origins Perfect World spf25 for day

At some point I would like to add back in a serum, but for next week I’m starting the Origins Modern Friction peel pad. And my cleanser ran out, so it’s going to be Mario Badescu Enzyme cleansing gel.

Other influences: Cooked real food instead of eating out this week. No exercise or out in the sun. However, since I’m starting peel pad next week, I need to be extra diligent about avoiding the sun, or else it could be all for naught.


4 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk27: GlamGlow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment

  1. I was sort of wondering what the point of this mask was myself, although I’ve mainly heard good things. It sounds like it might be a bit too harsh for me though. Thanks for the review! Saves me some money lol

    1. Yeah, my cheeks were a bit flaky/irritated the first time I used it, so I experienced a mild burning sensation. When my skin is healthy/normal, it’s just a tingling sensation. I still would rather go for the other GlamGlows tho, lol.

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