Karuna Skin Transformation Kit (exfoliating and clarifying mask review)

I’m always excited to try a new skincare product, but I haven’t been impressed by many, especially before I try the actual product. Well, Karuna has managed to get me excited and impressed even before I tear open one of the sheet mask packet. I’ve heard good things about Karuna masks but can’t decide where to start. Wouldn’t it be great if I can try them all? well, Sephora read my mind and when they came out with a set of all the masks (minus deluxe), of course I have to get it.


….the packaging is unecessarily bulky, but it is luxe looking and prettily displays all the mask (except the eye mask). There is a concise description of the purpose (no fancy flowery language), the ingredients and usage instruction for the mask on the back of the box AND each mask in English. The best part? the production and expiration dates are printed on the box AND each mask! None of that trying to remember when you bought it while staring at the jar with 12m sign when you decide to use it, or mysterious batch code. Clear as day, “REM: 140403” meaning it’s produced April 3rd, 2014 (a lot of Asian countries put year, month, then day) and “EXP:170403” meaning it expires April 3rd, 2017.


This set includes all the masks except for the luxe ones and have one for every skin type. Clarifying mask for problem/acne skin, exfoliating mask for oily/combo skin, hydrating mask for dry/sensitive skin, brightening mask for sun damaged/discolored skin, age-defying for aging/sensitive skin, and antioxidant mask for all skin types. Oh, and an hydrating eye mask since you don’t have much oil glands there and it’s the first place to show signs of aging. Basically, everybody will find 2 or 3 masks appropriate for them in here, and more if your skin is temperamental or changes depending on the season. It’s the perfect introduction to Karuna masks or a gift for skincare lovers. Read on for reviews of the Exfoliating and Clarifying masks!

Karuna mask cloth/sheet: The sheet mask is cloth with a plastic sheet on one side that you peel off. Out of the masks I’ve tried before, I like this cloth the best. I do like coconut fiber sheet of When, but it was so smooth that I have to lie down or else feels like the mask will slide down if I move my head/face even a little bit. The clothe is not as stiff as SK-II so it conforms to the face better, not as thick as Shiseido Lucent so it doesn’t feel like a waste for one use, but not as thin as Wei so the edges don’t stick together and it’s not so fragile it stretches when you try to pick/peel the edge apart.


Clarifying Mask

Application: As soon as I open the packet, I can smell the honey and ginger scent coming from it. There is a mild cooling/tingling sensation, barely noticeable, when the sheet mask is applied onto the face. The liquid is kind of an emulsion consistency, a bit thicker than a toner, but thinner than a serum. There’s ~1/2 sample jar of liquid left, just enough to rub on your neck/chest/hand (since the mask is not fully dried even after 20-30min, I like to rub it on my neck before applying the left over serums). In fact, it sink in so well it almost feel like I’ve got nothing on my skin!

Effect: I was worried that won’t be moisturzing enough since I don’t put on moisturizer after sheet masks (since I have combo skin and it already feels stuffy/well-moisturized). However, my skin was not dry the next day. It is hydrating but oil-free and claims to reduce blemish and redness.  It’s definitely light enough for oily/combo skin that needs deep hydration, don’t know about redness but the acne/whitehead did diminish a bit. This is a repurchase for me!

Exfoliating Mask

Application: This mask have almost no scent. If you try really hard, you can detect a very mild lemon soap scent. There’s no warming sensation like with the Clarifying since there is no ginger, but there is that…..not strong enough to be called stinging, maybe a mild tingling, that’s a sign of the acid working. The mask says it’s not for sensitive skin, and I agree. I was so eager to try this after the great experience with the Clarifying mask, but alas, this one is a little awkward. The serum seriously feels like lemon soapy water….it doesn’t sink into the skin as fast as the serum from Clarifying and when I tried to rub/press more on anyways….it lathered! Seriously, it lathered and it felt like I was just rubbing on a watery/not very foamy cleanser, and when it dried it flaked. I mean, when I piled on too much leftover serum from Shiseido it felt greasy, too much from Wei/SK-II can also flake, but this is worse.


Effect: I did see two tiny whiteheads that came out and went away very fast, which might be the detox effect, and my face did feel smoother the next day but it didn’t hydrate at all. Since it’s not for sensitive skin, I see absolutely no reason why you would want to use this instead of a gentle scrub. It’s basically $28 for 4 uses (masks) so $7 per use……in terms of peels/normal scrubs, most scrubs <$100 works out to be cheaper and just as effective (without the 20min waiting time). The serum doesn’t sink in and the effect is not worth it for me, I’d go for other Karuna masks instead of this one.

I will be reviewing the Anti-oxidant and Brightening one next week, hopefully I’ll like those two as much as the Clarifying mask. Have you tried any sheet masks or from Karuna? Any favorites?


3 thoughts on “Karuna Skin Transformation Kit (exfoliating and clarifying mask review)

  1. Thank you for reviewing these! I have been eyeing them at Sephora, but like to hear other people’s experiences before I buy them 🙂

    1. You are welcome, glad it helps. =)
      I also hesitate with no reviews, but I heard good things about them a LONG time back and figure that with a variety pack, there’s gotta be some that I like, lol.

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