Skincare Journal wk 24: Marc Jacob swatches

Marc Jacob has been one of my favorite fashion designers long before I got into beauty, so of course I was beyond excited when he finally started a beauty line. The packaging is sleek and chic, but still a bit cute with all the circles and curves. I did try a sample of the concealer, gloss and foundation before I started the blog. They were nice but not impressive, the nail polish and eyeliners, tho, were very impressive.

Nail polishes: From pinky forward, they are Stone Jungle, Le Charm, and Gatsby. I had Shiny on my thumb, but it’s nothing special, same as any other clear polish. The picture was taken when the line first debuted, and I only did 1 quick sloppy coat because in my excitement my only concern was to get those pretty polishes on my nails NOW. MJnailpolish The colors are absolutely gorgeous. Formula-wise, however, they are a bit different. Le Charm took a while longer to set, Gatsby’s pretty thin and both can be scratched without too much effort. Stone Jungle is impressive. It set quickly, looks like super smooth and shiny aluminum foil, and doesn’t scratch as easily. I feel that you can find the cream colors in other lines, but the metallic and shimmer are more unique so I’d definitely recommend trying one of these from the Marc Jacob line. I absolutely LOVE Le Charm, it’s almost glitter but not quite as shiny but just as bright, the texture is not gritty and it’s just lovely all around. The metallics (Stone Jungle and Gatsby) look like some of the polishes in Essie and Sally Hansen line, so I went for those instead. Not the same, those “metallics” are really just very very fine shimmers while Stone Jungle looks like I just cut out a piece of aluminum and pasted on my finger.

Eyeliners: Marc Jacob line have two types of eyeliner, the liquid type and a crayon type. The liquid type is Magic Marc’er Precision Pen and have a sponge tip. It have a slightly patent finish, not a shimmer but there is a glisten/shine that you will notice if you do a thick line. However, once it sets the lasting power is amazing. It. Does. Not. Bulge. And it took quite a bit of rubbing with cleansing water and cleansing balm before I was able to get it off. If you like a slight shine with your liquid eyeliner or want it to stay on for days at time/through intense activities, this is it. Otherwise, removal is a pain and I’d rather go for other liquid eyeliners like Kat Von D tattoo (brush tip) or Stila (foam tip). The Highliner crayon is everything you want in an eyeliner. It’s smooth and creamy like Urban Decay eyeliners but sets faster and is more bulge/smudge proof as well as give a nice intense color payoff. I’ve got a mini of the black one and has been using it for most of my makeup remover testing since it’s the most long lasting and  bulge-proof. My store didn’t have the newer colors in last time I went, so here are the swatches of the regular line. And I also swatched the lighter half of YSL Touche Eclat highlighter pen while I’m at it. I’m currently using the Dior version, which is sheerer and lighter I think. If you don’t have lots of blemish and don’t want to wear makeup, these concealer/highlighter pens are perfect, just a couple swipes under the eye and around the nose, pat to blend and done. MJ_YSL_swatches The summer 2014 collection is out, and it’s white instead of the usual black packaging and I’m loving the new colors for the eyeliners. I’ve swatched but do not own any of the eyeshadows. However, Tarababyz did a nice swatch/review of the summer palette below in her video here. Marc Jacob summer 2014 Anyways, that’s my thought on the Marc Jacob line. I have not tried the mascara, which everyone says is terrible, and the face powder or brushes, which people seem to love in general. But the highliner and nail polishes are definitely worth the splurge if you are considering trying something from the line. Enjoy!  And next is the skincare journal, which is more for my personal reference since no one else probably cares, lol.

Skin condition: Yay it’s whiteheads and acne free right now! *knocks on wood* It is getting a little oily now that it’s the summer. My cheeks does get a little red/itchy/bumpy a couple of times, but overall it looks fine. At some point, I should do something about those dark spots, either sunspots or acne marks, but for now  I’ll settle for wearing hats more often.

Products used: Aside from the Origins Charcoal and PTR Cucumber mask, I haven’t used any other masks since my cheeks were a little itchy for a couple of days. Aside from using Clinique 7 day scrub cream and Philosophy Microdelivery Dual-phase peel once each, the rest of the regimen so far:

  • AmorePacific Gentle treatment cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore Toner
  • Dr. Brandt Dark Spot no more serum – similar consistency to Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, but with a slight more medical scent.
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Diorsnow night cream
  • Origins Brighter by Nature spf25

I want to use Karuna Antioxidant mask next week as well as Philosophy One Minute Purifying Enzyme Peel. I think the Diorsnow night cream might be a bit too heavy for my oily/combo skin right now, so I need to figure out which of the moisturizer samples/mini are light enough for summer. Hmmm….perhaps Kate Somerville oil-free or nourish…

Other influences: I’ve been eating a bit much frozen/junk food, and I think that’s what’s responsible for the itchy and bumpy skin. I have been exercising twice a week, otherwise nothing exciting…


5 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk 24: Marc Jacob swatches

      1. lol Sorry for the late reply, I have Blacquer and Jazzberry. I’d like to get a few more, but I need to behave for a little bit 😉

  1. i got one of the liners when they came out last year. actually, two! but they’re so budgeproof when swatched and not as good on my eyes. i can’t remember if they irritated my eyes too. I’m so weird!

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