Skincare Journal wk22: New Skincare Wishlist

Having tried 200+ skincare products and 50+ more to go in my stash, you would think I would be sick of it. But no, some people are addicted to makeup, I’m addicted to skincare. Sure, I gawk and go oohh and aahh over pretty new makeup releases, but it’s the new skincare that I can’t stop thinking about. Some of them are not really new, just products or brands that I haven’t really tried yet but am really curious about. I like sets since it allows you to try out lots of things at a great value without getting stuck with a giant bottle of something you hate. I can’t buy any of them right now since I need to focus on the stuff I have before they go bad, but hey, a girl can dream and once fall came…..I’m sure I will have enough room to justify a couple of them *cough*. If you have tried any of them, I would love your thoughts on it:

SK-II has been raved about by many celebrities before and I really enjoy the mask. The item I’m truly interested in is the Essence, which is kind of a very watery serum while the lotion is a toner (that I care less about). After all, who doesn’t want a glowing complexion?

Karuna is a brand I’ve seen raves about a few years back, but then it fell off my radar. Sephora recently start carrying it, and since I’m currently on a face mask binge, this is tempting. Altho the set does not have the one I was interested in most, brightening, I wanted to try 3/4 anyways (exfoliating, hydrating, anti-oxidant). Unfortunately summer here is too hot for me to keep a sheet of mask on my face for half hour on end when I can barely stand wearing any clothe(#TMI) so this will have to wait until the fall when my skin is more thirsty.

Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters is a great set if you’ve got temperamental skin or lives in area with 4 distinct climate. Instead of switching the whole regimen between summer and winter, this little set gives a boost to your existing skincare. Drier skin in the winter? try the hydration booster. Oily/stuffy skin in the summer? try the purifying booster. Dull skin during changing of the season? try the radiance booster. I just finished the much applauded Alpha Beta peel from this brand and it did make a positive difference. This sounds like a perfect set for someone with combination skin, and I’m trying reeeeaaaally hard to refrain from getting it until the fall.

Other brands I’m interested in trying more of are Perricone, Omorovicza, Fresh and Kate Somerville. Fresh puts out holiday sets every fall, so I’m hoping they would put out a set with their new peony, rose or lotus products (love the scent of the lotus cream). There are sets for Kate Somerville, but it’s never the moisturizer I want to try and always includes ExfoliKate Intensive while I like the mild version much better. Omorovicza and Perricone are too expensive for repurchase, so trying their products are low priority right now. So, what skincare products are you interested in trying?

Skin condition: Even if it’s still cold enough that I sometimes need a wool jacket when outside, the sun is out and my skin finally switched to summer mode, no longer needing rich moisturizers and is getting a bit oily in the T-zone. Now that I’ve weaned myself off those double chocolate cupcakes, my skin is no longer red, bumpy and itchy. Well, no more red and bumpier than usual. Now I’m back to staring at the pores, flesh colored bumps and faint red marks from acne. I do think that the DDG Alpha Beta peels I used helped with the bumps (results for dark spots/red marks only shows in the long term, certainly not after only 5 peels) and since my skin is under control now, time to start on the next peel.

Products used: I used Clinique 7 day scrub cream and Sekkisei Kose peel off mask twice a week. The daily regimen is as follows:

  • AmorePacific gentle treatment foam cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
  • Origin Plantscription eye cream – hit the bottom early this week, which is good cuz it’s starting to be a little too rich for summer.
  • Fresh Lotus cream
  • AmorePacific Moisture Bound Intensive Vitalizing Eye Complex – a gel that sinks in fast and is super lightweight, excellent for a boost of hydration in the eye area before makeup in the morning. But, I just about fell off my chair when I decided to look up my sample and saw the price of the full size. *sigh*
  • Origins Perfect World SPF25

I also finally finished my sample of Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation, which is getting too rich/heavy for my skin, and started on my samples of Fresh Lotus cream. I LOVE the scent of it! It’s a nice light/med weight cream with the most heavenly (but mild) scent, a pleasure to apply and is now on my repurchase list.

As for the peels, I want to finish up my sample of Peter Thomas Roth laser retexturizing peel scrub. I thought it irritated my skin, but it could have been due to other things, now that my skin is in a stable condition, any effect should be due to this scrub.

Other influences: Diet has been steady, and I’ve been a bit too busy to exercise recently. I think I read somewhere that short bursts of intense exercise is better than long period of mediocre exercise, so I’ll be trying that. I’m also very much not a hat person, but with peels and my face being a shade darker than my neck, I really should wear one. It’s not as terribly annoying and embarassing as I thought, and I think I rather like it. =)

That’s about it for this week. With the temperature rising and way too much beauty products, I’ve been directing my shopping urges toward fashion instead. If there’s one thing I hate more than not being able to buy the most awesome/prettiest skincare/beauty product ever, it’s having what I already bought go bad or become expired. It’s way too easy in the summer, so make sure you are not accidentally leaving them in the car or in front of the window to bake in the sun!


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