Skincare Journal wk21: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

My first lash curler was a $3 one from Revlon. It gives my lashes a very sharp 90 degree curl, like the edge of a sheet of paper, not exactly the look I was going for. When I was looking for new eye lash curlers, I tested almost half dozen of them on a post here. But the ONE curler that everyone loves, the ONE curler that I did not test back then, was Shu Uemura. Everyone raves about it. Everyone, but it’s not really available in US anymore, so I chalked it up as a loss until I got a LE Karl Lagerfeld one from a trade with friend.


Aaaahhh yes! Finally! I took lots of pictures and had big plans for it. Big! I intended to scrutinize every single detail of it, expecting to find little secrets everywhere and…..I actually don’t have much to say about it. It feels normal in my hand, not as sturdy as my Tweezerman but that’s ok. The shape and width of the curling part is almost identical to my Tweezerman lash curler and feels the same when you put it against your eyes. But when I used the same pressure and hold for 10 seconds, the Shu curler did give me a sharper curl than the Tweezerman.


Tweezerman have a more cushiony/bouncier pad while Shu is firmer. Thus, when using the same pressure, Tweezerman gave a more gradual/gentler curl while Shu is sharper (nowhere near the unnatural sharpness of my old Revlon, however). But is the pad the only difference? if so, then my Tweezerman should give the same sharp curl and Shu should lose its magic if I switch the pad…..



Not quite. It’s hard to tell without actually trying to measure the metal, but I think Shu’s blade is thinner while Tweezerman is thicker (the part with engraving of brand name), so the sharp curl is actually a combination of the curler and the pad. I’m a bit heavy handed so I did overcurl half the time when using Shu, but by the time I put on mascara, it weighs the lashes down and brings it from a crazy-curl to a normal-curl. When I’m not wearing mascara, most of the time, I like Tweezerman just because I like how it feels in my hand, and I’m heavy handed. Aside from how much of a curl you want, the size and shape of the curler is also important. If you find most curlers a bit too big, Tarte might be a good choice. If you like something very firm, try the Sephora curlers. If you can never get the inner/outer corners, Shiseido curler have an extra dip on the ends. If you have never used a curler before, or if your new one is different from your old one, you should try it out for a week or so before making a decision since you might have to make slight adjustment in how you curl.  And that’s that. Happy curling! =)

Skin condition: Skin was a little inflamed, bumpy and itchy for a few days. However, I think I know what is up this time. I have no problem eating normal chocolate cake or a chocolate candy daily, but I made a batch of double chocolate muffin this week (tons of cocoa in the muffin + lots of bittersweet chocolate chip). It was intensely chocolately and consuming 1 or 2 daily is apparently a bit too much for my skin to handle. My skin started acting up the day after I started my chocolate binge. I know it’s the culprit because it happened once before when I decided to buy 10lb of chocolate (what? it was quality and only $20 from holiday sales!) and I dismissed it as coincidence, but this time the effect is too obvious to be coincidence. NOTE: different people have different trigger, so while chocolate overdose = bad skin for me, it may not be true for you. I also get nosebleed if I have too much ginger, but some people don’t. It’s ironic that I started the skincare journal trying to figure out what I should do to get perfect skin, and I didn’t think I would go over 2 or 3 months since I don’t have that many problems. Yet it made me take a much closer look at my skin, notice all the things I didn’t before and all I’ve found is what I should NOT do one after another. Process of elimination also works I suppose. =/

Products used: I’ve been refraining from any scrub or peels or serum this week to give my skin a break after the DDG Alpha Beta peel, and it’s harder than I thought with the row of little sample jar/packets staring at me in the face and tempting me every time I see it. I did use Origin Charcoal mask and PTR rose mask a couple times. Other than that, the same old same old:

  • AmorePacific Gentle treatment foam cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation – a sample packet. My skin is switching over to summer mode and this is getting to be a bit too rich.

Instead of trying new peels, I need to make sure I drink enough water and eat health to get my skin under control first. After I’m done with the OH Sheer Transformation packet, I’m going to use up my sample of Fresh Lotus cream first. It smells HEAVENLY and feel so good on the skin!

Other influences: My idea of exercise most of the time is a bit of stretching while I’m watching a TV show, but miraculously, I’ve been in a mood to exercise lately. I think the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge helped, even if it took me 30 days to do 20 days of it. It doesn’t take a long time and can be done almost anywhere, so most of my excuse for not exercise didn’t work. Nowadays I’ve been going on the treadmill and elliptical every other day while listening to kpop. I have been getting my share of veggie and meat, altho I did overdose on chocolate unfortunately. That will not happen again.


7 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk21: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

    1. Curler is definitely scary looking the first time, lol, and every curler is slightly different so it take a bit of getting used to. I have lashes that points downward and irritates the corner of my eyes, so curlers are a must for me even when I don’t wear make up.

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