My love affair with orange and intro to Sugarpill

When it comes to makeup, there’s about 182364728345 shades of brown/grey/bronze etc. Sure, sometimes brands put out a couple of jewel toned liners or some pastel colored eyeshadows for their seasonal collections, but there are more awesome colors out there than that. While Urban Decay has been overtaken by mostly neutrals and glitter shadows, brands like Nars, Make Up For Ever and Illamasqua have some really great bright colors in matte/satin finish. However, those bright colors usually don’t come in palettes and if it’s a color we just want to play with for fun, do we really want to shell out $20+ for a single color? That’s when I discovered SugarPill. I came across SugarPill’s Burning Heart Palette online and could not resist. Since Beautylish had a promo going on, I got it from there along with some Inglot eyeshadow. It arrived very neatly packaged with a handwritten note, which I think is a very nice touch. SugarPill Burning Heart eyeshadow You don’t see red eyeshadow often since some of the common red coloring used is unsafe for eyes, which is why you shouldn’t use lipstick/gloss on eyes. So it’s nice to have a red eyeshadow to play with, and there’s the orange (my favorite eyeshadow color), and a nice yellow that I can layer to get the exact shade of orange I want. They also have a palette with great blue, green, mint etc, but this palette reminded me of my favorite scene from my favorite Disney Movie: But! Back to eyeshadows, it doesn’t feel as buttery smooth as my Urban Decay or Kat Von D shadows, but I would say it’s on par with some of my Tarte and Too Faced. One of my friend (hi lylysa!) mentioned that the drier feel might be due to the fact that the shades are matte where if they are too smooth then the pigmentation may be poor, altho if they are too pigmented they might apply chalky or blotchy. While Sugarpill feels drier, it actually applied nicely and is just as intense as I’d hoped. I swatched it by swirled my finger once in the pan and applied to my arm with no primer. Even after rubbing with paper towel, you can still see the colors! SugarPill swatchesΒ If you were afraid it’s too intense, don’t be! Apply it with a fluffy/soft eyeshadow brush for sheer color and slap a black/dark brown eyeliner over it! If you want it more intense, just use eyeshadow primer and all your dreams will come true. Some people have mentioned the color staining the eyelid. I had no problem removing it with double cleanse (oil cleanser, then your normal cleanser, possibly makeup remover before oil cleanser if the makeup is particularly tough) when I wore it for a couple hours, but if you are planning to wear it longer, then it would be a good idea to wear eyeshadow primers underneath, which will help prevent staining.

Looking for orange?Β Now the red is fun to play with and purple is pretty common, the colors I was really getting at was the orange. Not coral, not burnt orange/red, and not shimmery sheer orange, but pure orange.Β If you are an orange addict like me, here are some of the truest/brightest orange I can find: MUFE tangerine 18, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce&Tangy and the SugarPill one. All of them are swirled 3 times, no primer. Orange eyeshadow Orange eyeshadow swatches I like the yellow-orange of Maybelline color tattoo, but the texture is kind of dry and difficult to spread/apply (if I want intensity at least) so I prefer powder. MUFE and Sugarpill are almost the same, except MUFE have a TINY hint of coral in it that kind of tones down the orange. They are both a bit redder than I wanted, but perfect when layered with the yellow from the Sugarpill palette. Both MUFE and Sugarpill are matte, but you can layer a sheer orange or gold shimmer on top for a different finish, or use it with a brown/black smudged eyeliner underneath for an orange smokey eye.


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