Skincare Journal wk17: Roses everywhere

Am I the only one who gets sucked into buying stuff at mall kiosks, eventho I know it’s probably cheaper elsewhere? I caved and bought some wood 3D puzzle today, but after putting it together….the pieces don’t fit together quite right and it doesn’t look quite as good as the display. *sigh* should have known. Anyways, recently, it seems like the higher end skincare is suddenly obsessed with rose. It’s always been a pretty popular ingredient, but suddenly Fresh came out  with a whole rose skincare line last year, and Peter Thomas Roth came out with a couple rose products this year. The fancy little thing that tickled my fancy this time is of course the rose mask. Since my current favorite is Fresh rose mask, I’m curious about how this will compare.rose mask

First impression: Fresh is brown with rose petal bits and a runny gel consistency, while PTR is a light pink with a gel cream consistency. Fresh have a mild round rose scent. PTR have a mild slightly sharper/sweet rose scent. I previously made some rosewater from DIY and Fresh smells very similar to the pot of rosewater I made while PTR smells more like the bouquet of fresh roses I picked, before I put the petals in water (I wonder if it’s due to the rose stem cell blah blah mentioned). It sort of make sense, since Fresh take a somewhat natural approach to skincare while PTR takes a more scientific approach.

rose mask 2

Ingredients: Both starts with water and Butylene glycol (a humectant) along with Rosa damascena flower oil, rose water, glycerin and aloe vera. However, PTR uses five types of roses, mostly oil and extracts, while Fresh uses two types of roses, the flower itself and the water are higher on the ingredients list. Fresh also contains more calming ingredients like chamomile and cucumber as well as aloe vera. Now, while ingredients are usually listed from the most to least, the concentration of each ingredients are not revealed, so it’s not like there is the same amount of ingredient #5 in product A as the amount of ingredient #5 in product B. In general the important stuff are in the first 10 listed. My impression is that PTR uses more potent or higher concentration of roses while Fresh contains more calming ingredients and less chemicals. Not a big deal for most, but the higher concentration of rose oil may be irritating for some. It’s kind of the same with cucumber and lavender (here’s a great breakdown on why you should not be paranoid of lavender, which some people are allergic to). Unless you know you are super sensitive/get irritation from plant oils, this should be a non-issue, both masks’ got good stuff and no parabens.

Thoughts: While Fresh is smaller and more expensive than PTR, it have a more runny consistency so you need less of it per application. PTR also comes in a big 5oz jar, which is excellent if you are a regular user of hydrating masks but skincare products usually lose their effect/go bad within 2 years, so if you can’t finish it within that time, it’s best to get a new one. PTR have the additional benefit of being used over moisturizer, so if you sleep in a dry environment, this may give your skincare a little boost. If you are a regular user of hydrating mask and have no problem with higher concentration of rose, go for PTR. Also, PTR rose have a slightly thicker/creamier consistency than cucumber. I like the calming ingredients and the feel of Fresh rose and PTR cucumber, but 5oz is too much for me, so I will stick with Fresh instead. They are both great for dry/combo skin, altho if you are really really dry, then you might consider one of the non-drying masks like Glamglow Thirstymud or Fresh Black Tea.

So that’s that, and now we are switching gears to skincare journal

Skin condition: So I started wearing foundation makeup regularly last week and this week, I think it dried me out and clogged my pores a bit, thus causing the 3 whitehead I had (2 now, work in progress). I also used Peter Thomas Roth Laser Retexturizing scrub this week, but it made my face a little irritated/tender. Since my other skincare products also contain some fancy active ingredients, I think a basic gentle scrub might work better for me. Basically those two are not a good combination, because now I’ve got dry, slightly tender skin with two noticeable whitehead. I kind of fixed the dry skin this week, but the acne/whitehead are a bit more stubborn. I did a skincare consultation with Philosophy yesterday, mostly stuff I already know like I exfoliated well, have noticeable pores but nothing you can do that will permanently shrink them, and she said my skincolor bumps are not noticeable but of course it is to me. One thing I realized after discussion is that the redness from my skin is not due to sensitivity, which I kinda guessed, so the calming skincares are not going to do anything to them, but they are more from inflammation/diet. BOO! Ok, I’m an adult, it’s time to exercise some self-discipline when it comes to type of food as well as quantity of food. *sigh*

Products used: I went to the Nordstrom Trend Event this weekend. Basically for blemish there are two types of ingredients for fighting against it, stuff with sulfur and stuff with salicylic acid. The salicyclic tend to dry me out without helping the blemish, so I’m going with sulfur and decided to get a Mario Badescu buffering lotion. I also had the chance to try the Clarasonic, which I have been hesitant so far since people either love it or it irritated/break them out. I’m happy to say I got no irritation, so I might splurge for one end of this year or earlier next year to really try out. Aside from PTR laser scrub, I used the Fresh rose mask, PTR rose mask, and PTR cucumber mask.

  • Amore Pacific cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • Ole Henriksen Truth serum
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Nude ProGenius oil
  • Origins Perfect World moisturizer with spf25

As for the PTR retinol PM serum scare, they asked for the bottle back for inspection, so I guess it’s not something that happens often. Since none of my dozen friends who tries it had this happened before and I had no adverse effect while using it, I’d be open to trying it again at some point. For now, onto other serums! I will go back to the bottle of Caudalie Vinoperfect brightening serum I started a little while back, but it’s not as weightless as OH so I’m going to use Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating cream or Tarte Maracuja oil with it.

Other influences: I felt really tired this week, so skipped the 30 day challenge but went and did real exercise once. You know, the kind with treadmill and elliptical. =O Since it’s warmer out now, there is no excuse not to go to the exercise room. I have been sleeping fine and trying to eat healthier. Sure, there was a day of free pizza, but I also made a batch of baked eggs with spinach and mushroom that I’ve been working through. Palak paneer and Smitten Kitchen are the only two things that can make me enjoy eating spinach. Hope y’all are eating healthy and getting some exercise at least, or thinking about it? lol. Ciao!


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  1. Yep, you are beauty…… from…..Love your blog. Eating and reading it :-). Will be visiting your blog often now.

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