Skincare Journal wk16: Smashbox Santigold dual end eyeliner

Woohoo! Now that I’ve got enough rest and recovered from the busy week last week, I’ve got my mojo back and bunch of things I want to blog about. Took a bunch of pictures and now just need to write those posts. Yay! But before that, can I talk about my pet peeve for a moment? Of course everyone wants to take super pretty photographs, but when it comes to swatching, haven’t you ever been disappointed where the swatches online look so pretty but when you try it instore, it’s just meh? Then of course you came back to it and found out the swatches were 293484 swipes over primer. This problem is especially prominent when it comes to blushes and bronzers, where some are sheerer than others but you can’t really tell from the swatches. Since I usually use Urban Decay eyeliners, I’ve come to expect one light swatch to look the same as it does in the pencil. Well, Smashbox’s new collection Sentigold caught my eyes and I just had to get one of the dual eyeliners, Azurite Is Never Wrong/ El Dorado. I was surprised that with one light swipe, the color is not as intense as the pencil. The left/longer swatch is 3 light swipes, right heavier is 6 light swipes. However, it’s worth the extra swipes because the color is absolutely gorgeous. 

Smashbox Sentigold eyeliner

The gold is the normal kind of shimmery gold (If you are curious how this compare to Urban Decay El Dorado, this is more of a true gold, lighter, while UD have a bronze, darker tint), but that blue! Sure there’s plenty of blue out there, but half of them show up too dark/grey/black on me while the others are too light. Not only is the color a beautiful true, it have that wonderful glow/pearl-y finish with no visible sparkles.

It’s not as creamy as UD but definitely not very stiff/hard enough to be tugging and scratching the skin either, just use multiple light swipes. You do have to go over it 5 or 6 times to get the intensity of the pencil, but once it’s on, it does NOT bulge! I wore the blue as eyeliner, ~6 swipes for the true blue color, then rubbed my eyes 5 or 6 times, there is a very very faint hint of color on my finger, but almost no change in color and definitely no smudge on eyes. (By the way, when I rubbed my UD liner 6 or 7 times, most of the color is gone). I don’t know if this is the quality of normal Smashbox liner, but if you are considering those colors and find Urban Decay too soft/creamy, or some pencil not smudge proof, I would recommend this. And if you are interested, here’s the pic of the rest of the collection:

I’ve heard that the lipstick ring is a little big, so if you usually have problem with ring being too big, just a heads up. I didn’t look at the gloss and there are swatches of the eyeshadow palette on google image, but I’m not quite a big fan of the design, the plastic case look a bit toy-like and two little snake-eye dot shadow in the middle seems too small to be practical and will probably get stray powder from other shadows in it all the time. So that’s that, and now, onto the skincare journal…

Skin condition: It’s unfortunate that my skin does not recover as fast from a week of bad life style. The fast food have too much spice and I may or may not have stress binged on some ice cream, which is bad for my weight and skin. Boohoo. I’ve got a couple of whiteheads in random places, but they are in the process of going down. *fingers crossed* And the skin is a bit blotchy/uneven due to redness, not happy. So, I guess a diet of dairy, Mexican and Indian food are a no-go. *sigh* I’ve got a small bump on one of my eyelid, that was random and went away in a couple of days.

Products used: I tried out my sample of Peter Thomas Roth rose mask this week, one of their new products. It’s very very similar to Fresh rose, will make a decision which I like better next week. I also used up one of my sheet masks, from a trade with lovely Kristen, one of my favorite vlogger =P. It’s Leaders Insolution Teatree Relaxing mask. The sheet fiber is nice, thin/soft enough to comfortably hug the face but not so fragile/thin it’s impossible to peel the edge that stuck together without ripping it. The serum have a clean herbal scent (teatree) and there wasn’t much of a tingling sensation or anything, so sensitive skin don’t be scared. With the weather getting warmer, a big slimy sheet on my face for half hour no longer sound as amazing as in the winter when moisturizers could not quench my dry skin. I think I will save my last sheet mask for fall or whenever my skin is desperately dry. Other than that, my routine stays the same:

  • Amore Pacific cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • PTR retinol serum switched to Ole Henriksen Truth serum
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Nude ProGenius oil
  • Origins Perfect World moisturizer with spf25

I switched serum because I noticed mid-week that there are red dots inside my PTR retinol serum dropper. Eeeeeeek!


I always apply to freshly cleansed face and the dots are inside the dropper so I don’t think it’s something bad from my skin. It’s stored away from sunlight and drastic temperature (albeit it is a yr old by now but it was sealed) so I don’t think it has gone bad? I asked around and some friends mention it might be color of the retinol (but that’s apparently more yellow than red??) or one of the ingredients. Anyways, I have contacted PTR and hope I get a good explanation, until then, I’m using Ole Henriksen truth serum instead.

Other influences: Sooo much cooking! In an effort to recover (diet-wise and spending-wise) from past few weeks, I cooked a lot of food. I’m liking all the cold noodle asian dishes, and went on a stuffed vegetable binge. Stuffed bell pepper, stuffed tomato, and stuffed onion, except I used a lightly stir fried rice/onion/cilantro/garlic combo and topped them with a dash of chili powder + parmesan cheese. I have never had any recipe from Smitten Kitchen that taste bad, even when I’m sloppy or add in random tweaks.The only commonly stuffable thing I didn’t stuff is stuffed mushroom. They were pretty tasty. Yum. As for exercise, I think I did day 14 last week, so Day 15-18 this week from the 30 Day Fitness Challenge. That 200 high knee and 100 superman is looking very intimidating, I feel more like jello than superman, but you gotta do what you gotta do. o.O


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