Be nice to your nails: Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes

I usually talk about skincare, but nailcare is kind of skincare? maybe? At least abnormalities in your nail sometimes can be indication of your general health, altho sometimes it can be caused by nail products you use. If you have never thought about health/nail correlation, this article from Refinery29 might be a good read. Do you know polish takes off top layer of the nail when it chips? so you really should use a nail polish remover instead of picking at your nails. However, the normal stinky and harsh nail polish remover can make the nail dry, cracked and peeling (if you wear nail polish regularly). The pungent smell always make my throat hurt since I’m breathing it in. I can do my nail stuff with a fan on, but I’d hate to think of what all that chemical is doing to my nails. While a lot of polishes 3-free or 5-free, nail polish removers haven’t changed much….I think. I’m not a nail guru, but the general impression is that natural stuff don’t work as well. While it did take a bit longer and more patience, Josie Maran nail wipes are definitely able to take off all the polishes, including glitter, while hydrating my nails.


The nail wipes have a very mild grapefruit scent, not exactly like that of freshly cut grapefruit, but much more pleasant and milder than the poisonous-feeling fumes that choke me every time I remove my nail polishes. The pads are saturated with an oily solution, and here’s where it differs from other removers. I find other nail polish remover absorbs/evaporates very quickly, so you end up using more and it dries up your skin. This oily solution does.not.dry. As in half hour later when I’m done with the nails and the pad is torn by all the glitter, there’s still oily liquid left on the pad if you press it between cotton pad. So it’s ok to be patient and work slowly, let it soak, it’s not going to evaporate. For normal nail polish, I press the pad on the nail and hold for 5-10 seconds to let it soak, then rub a couple times and the color should be off (worked for OPI and Marc Jacob).


With glitter polish it’s a bit tricky. The pad tore when I lifted it. I first pressed down hard, then wipe up gently until it gets a bit too torn, I then turn it a bit to use the next part of the edge. The colors got removed first and when it’s mostly glitter left and the pad is half torn, I just scrunched it into a ball and rubbed the glitter off. At some point it was full of glitter and torn, I took half cotton pad (or cotton ball), put the ball of wipe in it and was able to squeeze out the solution into the half clean pad and continued to use.


It does take a lot of patience and rubbing, but since it’s oil based it never dries out regardless of how long you rub and I was able to get all the glitter off eventually. The pad may get torn if you use glitter, but there’s definitely enough oily solution in one pad to take off 10 nail polish, and maybe a little more with help of a clean/new cotton ball/pad. It leaves your digits slightly oily (with a light grapefruit scent). I usually just wash my hand after I’m done and it looks perfectly clean and moisturized.

Overall: While it most definitely take longer than normal polish remover, it’s a remover+nail treatment in one. It’s wonderful if you are concerned about dry, fragile/brittle nails or don’t want any toxic/harsh chemicals on your skin or breathed in. It’s not as great if you are in a hurry, or tend to wear heavy duty/glittery nail polish.

I’m not as big a fan of nail regimen/routines as I am of skincare regimen, so a wipe that can take off polish without choking me and drying out my hand is a bonus. I do keep a bottle of normal polish remover around to clean the edges when putting polish on, but when it comes to removing nail polishes, I now just grab a pad and sit there slowly taking it off while watching Colbert Report. No more dry nails and I don’t feel bad about putting on polish afterward (after washing my hand and make sure it’s dry). Oh, and a portion of the sales goes to save the polar bear initiatives. =)


6 thoughts on “Be nice to your nails: Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes

  1. Maybe the ones i bought were a bad batch! They would not take off my Glitter Polish! So I use these a little differently. I use mostly pure Acetone to get off about 90% of my polish, then i use the Bear Naked Nail Wipes to take the remaining off! I do think they are nice and hydrating. But maybe i’m just too impatient for them!

    1. Oh yeah, the glitter took FOREVER. I have to let my 1st finger soak for 10+ second and rub, which does gets half the color off, then work on the other 9. By the time I come back to it, the glitters are more willing. If you don’t wear glitter, it’s a good choice. If you do, well, your method is probably better unless you want to be sitting there all day long, lol.

    1. Huh, Aside from glitter, I had no problem getting my Essie, MJ or OPI polish off with this. But they are normal polish, not gel and no topcoat. I’ll check out the other ones, if they are cheaper then I’ll get them. =)

  2. I actually had recent3y bought this and was thinking of using it but I am always using thick coats of nail polish that take for with “gentle” removers. I tend not to have much patience. But I will give these a try as soon as my current bottle finishes and let you know πŸ™‚

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