Skincare Journal wk15: Hourglass Ambient Powder swatches

This week has been very busy and I’m running low on backup posts (oh noes! gotta come up with more new fun stuff) so instead of some detailed write up here are some swatches. Personally I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so as much as people rave about Hourglass Ambient Powder, I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. You can probably find a bazillion raving reviews on it if you do a search, but which one should you get? That depends on if you want to use it as a highlighter, finishing powder or bronzer. Mood have a pink tint, Ethereal a white tint, Dim a caramel tint, and Diffused a slightly yellow tint. They all have a pretty natural finish except for Luminous and Radiant, which are the two from the line that have visible shimmers.Β Hourglass Ambient Powder

If you can’t decide, Hourglass came out with a palette of 3 last year, which was wildly popular and brought back to be part of their permanent line this year. You can get it on Hourglass or Sephora.
Hourglass Ambient Powder palette
As for me, I’m using Guerlain Meteorites pearls for natural glow, or Les Voilettes mattifying veil for a more matte finish.Β Pretty packaging cheers me up in the morning. Since I don’t drink coffee, I need all the cheering up I can get in the morning.

Skin condition: I got an important event this week, so it’s not really the time to experiment with skincare too much. No dryness, pores ok, lots of skin colored bumps (booo!). There are some food that I KNOW will give me terrible skin, but I still eat them ever so often, hoping that something have changed. Nope, spicy food still gives me acne around my nose. What?! I only ate 2 spicy meals, but there’s a small pimple coming up on the side of my nose. *sigh*

Products used: Nothing fancy this week, just Fresh Rose mask and Origins Charcoal mask every other day and Clinique 7 day cream scrub in the shower. I did finally used up that mini of Origins Brighter by Nature spf35. Ugh, it wasn’t as greasy the first time I used it, but now I know what people were talking about when they mention it being greasy. I switched to Origins Perfect World spf25, lower spf and no greasiness. I also skipped PTR retinol this week, don’t want any pink face. There were a couple of days where I’m too tired for the whole regimen so I just used bioderma cleansing water followed by Tarte maracuja oil. Aside from that no changes, the regimen is:

  • AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Foam
  • Etude Wonderpore Toner
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Nude ProGenius Oil
  • Origins Perfect World spf25

For next week, I’m going to start up the retinol again. There’s still 2/3 bottle left of the retinol and 1/2 bottle of the Nude oil. I hope I can use up those two before the weather gets too warm/sunny for it…. As for that pimple, it should not get bigger if I lay off spicy food, which I will. And I’ll be using either Origins Super spot remover or Burt’s Bee tea tree oil to treat it.

Other influences: Stayed late in office for most of the week, thus the junk food, lack of sleep and exercise. Just recovered sleep-wise and cooked some food. Now I just need to get back on track with work and exercise…..So I will leave you with this, a pretty accurate representation of how I was by the time Friday rolls around, except I wasn’t as fuzzy and cute.


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