DIY: Eyeshadow to eyeliner

Have you ever fell in love with a brightly colored eyeshadow but it doesn’t have the same intensity on the lid? or maybe you wish the color comes in a eyeliner also? Is it me or does EVERY eyeshadow palette includes a black eyeshadow? While I use the lighter shadows quite frequently, smokey eye is just not my cup of tea. If it’s gonna be a dark color, I’d rather use an eyeliner instead, but then just plain eyeshadow don’t make the best eyeliner does it? There are plenty of tutorials about intensify the color of eyeshadow by using water, or turn it into a liner by adding vaseline, and one of my friend mention I can turn eyeshadow into liners by adding primers. So, which one is it? is there a difference? Can I get a good enough liner out of it to make a nice winged liner look?

DIY eyeliner

Since I have some dark eyeshadows I don’t really like, it’s time to experiment! DIY eyeliner using rosesalve (almost same as vaseline), eyeshadow primer (UD vintage version), water and compare the effect with plain eyeshadow. Some of the criterias include color intensity, does it smudge/rinse off, and how long lasting is it.

different mixture of DIY eyeliner

Rose salve – when I mixed the eyeshadow with rose salve, it’s very emollient, easy to spread on with true to pan color but a glossier finish.

Eyeshadow primer – when I mixed the eyeshadow with the Urban Decay original eyeshadow primer, I also get an intense/true to pan color but it’s not as red as rose salve (maybe because rose salve have a slight pink tint and the UD primer a nude tint?). It feels slightly dry when I smooth it on with my finger.

Water – when I mixed the eyeshadow with just water, it’s kind of like watercolor. The color is just as intense/true to pan as when mixed with primer and such. It have the same powdery finish as just eyeshadow.

The last swatch above is just eyeshadow over bare skin. As you can see, the color is not as intense as when mixed with one of the three other. So we have confirmed that all three of the DIY eyeliner method will produce a more intense color than just eyeshadow itself. Now then, does it smudge? is it waterproof? I wiped it with a tissue, rinsed the area with water, then wiped it dry……..

smudged DIY eyeliner

The rose salve mixture never really set and smudged with a light swipe, just like…well, pure rose salve/vaseline. While it produce a nice intense glossy color, it will smudge as soon as you blink, so unless you are doing it to take a picture then it is not practical/wearable really. While the shadow mixed with water gives an intense look, the color faded by ~half after being smudged/rinsed. The eyeshadow mixed with primer has the most intense color and best staying power. However, when the eyeshadow is mixed with Urban Decay original eyeshadow primer, it feels a bit dry and don’t spread quite evenly. I’m not sure if they just changed the packaging or the formula for the new ones, but I decided to try a different primer, NARS Pro-prime smudge proof eyeshadow base. It’s creamier and no longer balls up.

I have already confirmed that eyeshadow mixed with primer works better as eyeliner than those mixed with “vaseline” or water. However! Is it better than just applying eyeshadow over primer? I forgot to take a before picture. Ooops. The eyeshadow applied over primer and the DIY eyeliner have the same intensity, both more intense than eyeshadow by itself. That means there’s no difference? or so I thought, but when I rubbed with a tissue and rinsed the area…….

DIY eyeliner mixture

The eyeshadow mixed with primer has much more staying power than eyeshadow itself, or applied over the primer. So far it looks like an amazing eyeliner, time for the last little test: will it give me a lovely winged eyeliner look that eyeshadow cannot:

Eyeliner DIY

You won’t get an opaque jet black like a liquid liner. The “wing”/left is a bit darker than the right end because I went over it a couple times with the brush, and the color is darker than if I use the eyeshadow by itself. It is also impossible to smudge with finger or rinse off (a bit of oil took it off pretty easily). So, I’d call that a success, no? =)

Basically scrape off some eyeshadow into a sample jar, then add eyeshadow primer bit by bit (Nars works the best). You can always add more eyeshadow primer if needed, but you can’t really reduce the amount of eyeshadow primer (Note: try only DIY enough to use in one setting or two. After a week, the primer probably dried up so it felt harder, more powdery and lost most of the staying power/waterproofing effect). Cheers and happy DIYing!


8 thoughts on “DIY: Eyeshadow to eyeliner

  1. Very interesting! I used to use a White eyeliner on my top eye lid and then go over with a bright color and small brush, and it worked fairly well with making eyeshadow into eyeliner! I remember Avon used to sell a liquid eyeliner that was clear and basically you dipped it into your eyeshadow and it transformed it! But i do want to try mixing some primer with eyeshadow, maybe i could get some use out of my darker eyeshadows i don’t use much!

    1. Ohh, interesting. Yeah the reason why I started the DIY was cuz I’m too lazy to use primers, and I never use my darker eyeshadow since I prefer eyeliner instead. =)

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