Skincare Journal wk13: Chantecaille Detox Clay mask

My skin is not feeling great after skipping everything except moisturizer for a week, AND being weaned off humidifier. I digged through my stash and busted out my most expensive samples.  When your skin is hydrated and healthy from diligent skincare, a lot of products work pretty well. But with damaged/problematic skin, this is when I expect to see some amazing result worthy of that extra $50+ difference between the highly-praised expensive product and mid-end products that works just fine for me normally. The first fancy product that I’m going to review is a packet of Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask with Rosemary and Honey in my stash. At $78, it is the second most expensive clay mask I’ve tried (Sisley Paris Black Rose takes the cake at $158, will be reviewed next week).

Chantecaille mask

Most clay mask works by drying out the blemish and drawing them out to the surface but it can be too drying/harsh for dry/sensitive skin. When it’s too gentle, it doesn’t do anything except a little oil control. This is the first clay mask that really have a hydrating mask as the base (rosewater and glycerin as first/second ingredient instead of clay). It goes on a dark cool/blue grey and have a creamy feel to it  (not muddy, powder/watery or slimey feel of typical mud mask) and no significant cooling/tingling. It also doesn’t dry, so you won’t get that tightening/pulling feeling and you can freely move your face. Even when I left it on for 30min instead of the 10min they say, it “dries” down to a still slightly sticky cream base probably due to the honey. It was not as difficult to rinse off as Origin Charcoal mask and left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. It have a mild rose scent going on due to rosewater, but it switches to a mild minty scent when you rinse it off.

While it did not make me look like a photoshopped model the next morning, my pores were clean and skin is dewy. If you have seriously oily skin or tons of acne, this might not be what you are looking for (try Murad Clarifying). It’s pricey at $78, but more worthy of it’s price than GlamGlow in my opinion. It does a bit more, and the hydrating base ensures that it’s unlikely to dry out before you finish the whole thing. Since I have combo skin, the hydrating mask aspect of it might be a bit too stuffy for summer, but if you have blemish prone skin that is also dry or sensitive, this luxury is worth a try.

Skin condition: The weather has finally started to warm up, so I decided to put away my humidifier. BAD IDEA! Of course we’d get a below freezing day with 30+ mph wind the week I nixed my humidifier. The windy week made my skin super dry with red/cracked/flaky cheeks, where my glasses and scarf are unable to protect no matter how I wrap myself. The thing about not being a teenager anymore is, well, your skin slows down when it comes to healing, and I’m sure the week where I skipped (most) skincare didn’t help. Back when I was a teenager, any acne/skin problems goes away without a trace in a couple of days. Nowadays when left unattended, they stay forever and sometimes leave acne scars and dark spots. *sigh*

Products used: Superman to the rescue! And by that I meant I busted out my most expensive samples, because if they can’t handle my skin when it’s throwing a tantrum, there’s no reason to buy them when my current products work fine for my skin under normal conditions. Anyways, my regimen this week consisted of:

  • Philosophy Detoxify the Oxygen Peel – I need a gentle but penetrating exfoliator for my irritated/scaly cheeks…..but this doesn’t exfoliate at all. When I do use an exfoliator like Clinique 7 day scrub before using this, I see slightly more of a detox effect.
  • Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask
  • AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Foam
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • Sisley Paris Black Rose cream mask – used as moisturizer
  • Origins Brighter by Nature spf35 – ok, I liked the first sample tube I used, but it’s starting to separate (probably due to the high sunscreen) and I’m not liking it as much anymore. =/

Other influence: I’m still doing the 30 Days Challenge, at turtle speed. I did day 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. I want to work up to doing it 7 days a week, but I’m fearing the days where I have to do 200 of something (those butt kicks sound like they are going to kick my butt T.T). So while I am exercising, I’ve also been consuming a bit too much sweets to comfort myself, which is not as good. I need to cut back on sweets and eat more veggies (story of my life, booohooo). =/

Oh, I’ve also manage to confirm that yes, consuming salty food (potato chips, miso soup) late at night most definitely makes my undereye bags worse. Maybe if I get into habit of brushing my teeth right after dinner, I will discourage myself from late night sugary/salty snacking? will attempt to be a good girl.


10 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk13: Chantecaille Detox Clay mask

  1. thanks for reviewing the Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask. sounds like a nice mask but not a necessity. looking forward to reading your thoughts on the Sisley

    1. You’re welcome, figure I’d save somebody the $70 question, lol. My jaw dropped when I saw the price for Sisley Paris. I like fancy skincare, but I’m not quite at the $100+ for a product level yet.

  2. Oh wow! Never tried anything from the Chantecaille line, heard excellent reviews on their tinted moisturizer though. How do you remove your masks? Do you just splash your face with water until its all gone or….? I use a cotton pad ( the one’s used to apply toners). I soak it with water and gently buff away the mask. It comes off sooooo much easier and that way I get to gently exfoliate and massage my face as well 😀 I used to use the Ole Henriksen and Ecotools facial sponges but I hate using and cleaning sponges ( bacteria grows in moist environments) and the plain cotton pads work just as well. I like the big oval cotton pads from target–they cost a little more but they are huge so I only need one and the 2 sides have different textures ( one side smooth other is quilted).

    1. I usually rinse off my masks, then use cotton pad to apply toner and that gets rid of the rest. I like water on my face and don’t feel like using a cotton pad when I don’t have to, lol. Yeah, I’m using a pack I brought from Costco normally, but when my skin is sensitive/smooth/don’t need exfoliation I use Shiseido.

    1. This is better in the fact that it doesn’t dry out in the jar and it’s a 2-in-1. If you have really oily skin it may not matter that much. At first I thought I imagined it, but after using Glamglow I have difficulty removing it from my pores while my pores appear cleaner with this one, if that make any sense. o.O

  3. i have this and love it. my skin veers dry, and this never makes my skin feel dry.. I agree, it is way more worthy of its price than glamglow – i just don’t get the glamglow hype! I really think glamglow shouldn’t be more than $40 or so.

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