Too Faced (and other) bronzer swatches

In short, bronzer make your face darker. Or if you don’t want a face tan, it can also help contour, to make your face look more sculptural with bone structure instead of round. Or it can provide some warmth and make you look healthier, whatever that means. I happen to have a face that’s a shade darker than my neck, so I don’t really need a bronzer. But Too Faced is famous for their bronzer and teddy hair brushes so when I saw these cute mini kits on sale, I can’t help myself but to get them……


I got Sun on the Run and Tan without the Twinkle from the website, the shipping was fine and it came with 2 deluxe samples. I put a quarter size sample jar in there for size comparison. The mini “flatbuki” brushes are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! While those GWP or brushes from kits are usually notoriously crappy, these are the same quality as the full size Too Faced brushes. Firm, dense, silky and soft. The pink handled one that came with Tan without the Twinkle is slightly flatter than Sun on the Run. Did I mention how adorable they are?

Counting those two, I now have 4 bronzers that I’m swatching here: Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess; Korres Contouring Trio in Santorini; Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil.


Tarte bronzer did not have the same buttery smooth texture as the other three, but it does provide a nice glow and is pigmented. I did a detailed post on BeautyTalk for Korres contouring Trio. It’s for contouring but if you want to swirl it together as bronzer, it’s a matte bronzer with a pink tint instead of a gold tint like the other ones. Too Faced Sun Bunny is quite versatile with a pinky champagne shimmer/glowy side, and a golden bronze side. You can kind of contour a bit with it, or mix together for a soft glow. True to their ingredients, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil really do smells like cocoa, it is matte and lighter than I thought it would be. If you are SUPER pale, Korres would be a good choice since you can control the darkness. If you feel most bronzers are a bit too yellow and want a bit of pink, Korres or TF Sun Bunny are good choice.


I’m not a bronzer expert. I just know you are suppose to put it below cheek bone, or in a E/3 shape on the side of your face for contour. You want a shade that’s 2-3 shades darker than your skintone and no more for a natural look. If these bronzers are too light/dark for you, you can also use a foundation or BB/CC cream that are 2 shade darker. Always remember to blend properly and down to your neck if needed. What else? mmmm……. matte looks natural for contouring the sides but shimmer ones will give you a sunkissed glow if you use it on your cheek bone or nose.

That’s all I know, so this is more of a swatch/eye candy post. Since I don’t really wear bronzers,I will be wearing these as lid eyeshadows. These bronzers are more medium intensity, sheerer than Urban Decay and Kat von D eyeshadows of course, but saved me the trouble of hunting for a base/lid eyeshadow color. So, how do you wear your bronzers? any favorites?


5 thoughts on “Too Faced (and other) bronzer swatches

  1. Beautiful review! Benefit Dallas is my #1 bronzer. I usually dust my cheekbones, temples, forehead and chin. If I do contour I shade the hollows of my cheekbones (make a fish face and they pop out) and outside of my face. I so want a Too Faced bronzer ( the lightest one they have that’s matte) but I have a handful of other bronzers that I cant justify the purchase just yet. But I am almost out of Dallas so booooo >_< I mostly use bronzer to add color to my face or make myself slightly more than. I'm quite pale and love to wear foundation. Well most foundation take away any natural redness/color I have in my face and wash me out completely. So I have to add color back in with bronzer and blush. Take away natural color and put in fake color hehe.

    1. Haha, I used to keep getting Benefit Hoola card as samples but can never figure out how to use them. TF bronzers are great! Altho if you are talking about contouring, have you looked into Korres contouring trio? they have a blush and a bronzer version, but the bronzer version have a more cool pink tint while most bronzers have a warm brown tint (well, the bronzer’s show in the post, not sure if you can see the slight difference in the swatches). I love all of them. =)

      1. I’ll check out that Korres one the next time I go to Sephora ( already went today and knocked off 3 items from my loves list :D). I really want to buy the full sized Nars Laguna. I have a little orgasm/laguna duo and I absolutely love it *but* I heard that once you hit pan on laguna that it kind of falls apart into crumbles. I also want Cargo bronzer, heard such good things but the line is soooo hard to find now! They have lots of different ones and I need to see them in person before I buy. There’s only one Ulta around me that still carries most of the line and Bealls has a few little sets from Cargo. Have you seen the marc Jacobs bronzer brush in person yet? Its massive!

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