Skincare Journal wk12: Bye bye Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel

I have combo skin so I’m fine with cleanser that are a bit drying, but when my skin turned SUPER dry and whiny in the winter, Boscia Purifying unexpectedly became a favorite. Even when my cheeks are dry/cracked from the 25mph below-freezing wind, Boscia did not dry it out more and make it hurt like other less moisturizing cleanser for combo skin. Sure, I’ve got a couple of oil cleansers and they are great at cleansing and moisturizing, but I feel like the moisturizing part kind of interferes with the serum/treatment products I put on afterward. This is a gel cleanser, which means it doesn’t foam up very much, but you don’t need a lot to get a lather and it does leave the face feel clean and hydrated, no dryness and no moisturizing residue feel etc.


I still have a hint of a swatch of KVD foundation that’s been on my hand since yesterday (I’ve washed my hand, but haven’t used makeup remover or cleanser on it), so I figured I would test the makeup removing ability. For good measures, I drew a line with Stila waterproof liner and swiped Givenchy lipstick on there, waited a few second for them to dry/settle then used the cleansing gel on it. I was trying to show what the gel looks like, and it alread run/trickled down over the liner while I was trying to take the picture with the other hand. I used quick, gentle circular motion over the area and counted. The liner started breaking down at 20 and my hand was perfectly clean at 50. So yes, it does work work in removing makeup, but just like any cleanser, you shouldn’t just smear it on your face a couple times and call it again. In general, you should rub ~30 seconds to fully get everything off. If you are wearing a full face of makeup, however, I do recommend using a makeup remover before cleansing.ย According to the website, it’s a “sulfate-free makeup remover and cleanser that deeply cleanses while preserving natural moisture…This purifying lather gently-yet-thoroughly purifies, refines the look of pores, and leaves the skin feeling fresh and comfortable”. Not sure about pores, but it did deliver on all the other claims it made.

As for skincare journal, I decided to be incredibly lazy do a little experiment this week.

I was traveling and as it turns out, I forgot my toner. Considering the fact I have 5 different toners at home, I am unwilling to buy a new one just for this week, so I skipped toner. Since I’m skipping toner, why not skip cleanser, too?

Just moisturizers: Since I didn’t really go out, I just wiped my face with a wet/damp towel in the morning and at night. I used Ole Henriksenย Sheer Transformation moisturizer in the morning, and Nude ProGenius oil at night. No cleanser, toner, spf or even eye cream. Well, at end of 4th day, my skin look the same at a glance with no breakouts. However, the texture definitely don’t feel as nice. There’s a bit of flaky skin from dry weather and bumpy feeling from clogged pores. So, while you can get away without cleansing if you don’t wear makeup/spf for a while, water doesn’t get rid of all dirt/oil (thus the clogged pores) and it prevent any products you applied from sinking into the skin as much as it should, therefore the moisturizers are less effective and I get dry skin. Probably.

Anyways, now I’m back, time to get on with the whole routine. At some point I will skip the toner only and see what effect it have, but not now.

Other influences: This week I did Day 4, 5 and 6 of the 30 Day Challenge. Yaaaaay! My butt hurt a bit, that’s an excuse to stuff myself with Lindt truffles, right? just kidding. Ate relatively healthy, some veggie, some meat, some whole grains, some fruit and some chocolate. I did cave to some McDonald fries and chicken nuggets at the airport, then made a mental note to never get McNuggets again. The weather’s warming up, so I’d better get all the soup craving out of the system while the weather permits.

Oh, and speaking of exercise, it’s cold outside so I’ve been entertaining myself by learning kpop dance, more specifically Lucifer from SHINee. I can follow along at half speed, but still a bit fuzzy on a couple more complicated moves at full speed. ย I would like to videotape it before moving onto the next dance (or actual exercise since it’s warming up outside), but I need to figure out how to do that on my phone in a non-crappy way first. In the meantime, marvel at their dance skills and stare at those niiiiiice arm muscles:


4 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk12: Bye bye Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel

    1. No, only the purifying and the black cleanser (don’t care for the black one).

      @your other comment cuz I’m lazy, lol. Hmm, I dimly remember someone mentioning those two brands before. Murphy’s Law loves me this week, definitely need a pick me up. Thanks!

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