Ombre lips: totally wearable

If you want something fancy for lips, usually you go for a bold lipstick color, or maybe a lipstick base with a dot of gloss in the middle, but ombre lips is an easy and fun way to switch things up. If you have a lipstick that is just too bright/dark/pale, it can be made totally wearable by pairing it with another color. It looks like ombre lips have been around for quite a while, but just like ombre hair, I’m not really interested in it until I saw this picture from Dior 2012 runway:
Dior 2012

Absolutely gorgeous! I was able to replicate the eye look with some silver eyeshadow and intense blue eyeliner, but the lips prove to be a bit hard to do. Not only was it difficult to find a truly orange lipstick, I also want it to be wearable so no replicating the look with eyeshadows! Fortunately, I got a mini of Kat Von D Painted love lipstick in Agogo from a trade, and it does come off orange on me. Now, when you do a google search on ombre lips, you get something like this:

ombre_lipsOk, so some of them are pretty, some of them are scary, but all you really need to do to make it wearable is a more subtle color scheme. Taking inspiration from the Dior runway photo, I tried it with KVD Painted Love in Agogo and Urban Decay Revolution in 69:
ombre lips

The colors are subtle enough that some may need a double take to see the ombre, but it does give the lips a bit more dimension, not to mention I have a soft spot for orange. Also, it couldn’t be easier to do. All you need is 2 lipsticks and 1 lip brush. And if it smudges? well, assuming the two colors you used are complimentary, either no one will notice or they will think it’s intentional.


Just apply one lipstick over the lips, don’t worry about the outline (KVD Painted Love in Agogo). Use another lipstick to draw the outline (Bite lipstick in VIB Rouge). Use a lip brush to blend the edge. Voila! You are done!



I also tried it with 2 pink lipsticks, a nude lipstick from KVD, then dotted and blended with MUFE Rouge Artist in Satin Fuchsia in the center. The tips for a nice subtle ombre lip is to apply the lighter color first, then add the darker color next. It’s easier to add more/darker color than to take away color. And remember to blend blend blend, stand a couple feet away from the mirror will make it easier to tell if you blended properly.


It’s a great way to ease into a lip color you may not be used to, pair orange with red, or pair purple with fuchsia. It’s also a easy, subtle and fun way to switch up your makeup if you are a bit bored. Anyways, I hesitated about posting it since there are lots of ombre lips tutorials and I can’t get a good picture of my lips, but I already took the picture so might as well post it, lol. So go grab 2 of your lipsticks and have fun!


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