Skincare Journal wk11: Last of the GlamGlows, Brightmud Eye Treatment

So by now I’ve covered Thirstymud, Supermud, Youthmud and now the only one left from muddy bunch (actually….Thirstymud don’t really have mud in it does it? misnomer?) is Brightmud Eye Treatment. I do enjoy the GlamGlow Supermud mask and hoard samples of it, eventho for that price I’d rather stick with my Origins Charcoal. Being on the computer all day and working in a dry heated office, I get dry eyes pretty frequently in the winter, so when I had the chance to get the eye treatment as samples, I immediately went for it.


You are suppose to pat it on generously around your eye contour. It’s not suppose to dry, but even when it’s caked on, each pod is enough for both eyes so one pair is enough for two applications. It feels like a gel-cream when applied, no tingly or cooling sensation and no strong scent. It also rinse off fine but I couldn’t see any effect. I used them twice, and both times, my eyes feel uncomfortable the day after, the way they feel when it’s too dry. So it’s suppose to minimize puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines while brightening and hydrating the eyes. It did not feel hydrating to me and did nothing for my expression lines. I suppose it did help with the puffiness a bit and I don’t have any dark circles to speak of. Maybe it will work better for somebody else, but for an eye mask/treatment, I prefer Origins No Puffery eye mask. And that’s that, the last of GlamGlow (for now, until they come out with a new “mud”). Now, for my skincare journal…

Skin condition: The weather is misbehaving with all the temperature swings, and I’ve finally started using my PTR retinol serum correctly where I shake it before using. There’s no more flaking or redness from the retinol, and no dry/flaky/cracked cheeks from the cold dry weather, probably due to the masks I’ve been piling on. The skincare problem I have now have been there since forever and will take longer to see a difference: pores, bumps and dark spots. Other than that, smooth and hydrated skin, so yay!

Products used: I used up a bunch of sheet masks for Jan, and I piled up on the hydrating masks for Feb (Fresh Rose, Fresh Black Tea and GlamGlow ThirstyMud). My pores were feeling a bit stuffy so I went on a clay mask binge this couple of weeks with GlamGlow black/white, Tarte, Kielh, and Chantecaille (the latest). I’ve officially (re)confirmed that Fresh Black Tea and GlamGlow white really don’t do much for me despite how much I want to like them. Oh! I finished up my bottle of Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel this week! Aside from that, no change in skincare routine:

  • Korres Milk Protein Foaming Cream Cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore Toner (I’m starting to like this as my winter toner. This may go into my list of favorites/repurchases….)
  • PTR Retinol PM serum
  • Nude ProGenius Oil (occasionally substituted with Clarins Lotus oil)
  • Origins Brighter by Nature SPF35 (a tad greasy unless applied sparingly, no likey)

I’m traveling the whole week and guess what, I FORGOT MY TONER! *gasp* the horror! I haven’t gone without toner since forever and won’t have access to my 3 bottles of toner until next Sun. Erm……well, maybe this will be a good time to see if toners do make a significant difference in skincare? (but I want my toners….*sulk*)

Other influences: Food-wise I’ve been ok this week. Didn’t exercise much due to the monthly visit from mother nature. I did complete day 3 of the 30 day challenge and that’s it. Gosh, this “30 day” thing is going to take me forever. X.X I also wish I got more sleep….I always wish I get more sleep, and I always wish I’m one of those people that can function perfectly on 4-6hrs of sleep. Anyways, it has less to do with work getting busy than the fact that 2NE1, my favorite Korean pop group, came out with their new album Crush and I. am. fangirling. SO HARD. I love songs with a strong beat, and Crush is going to join I’m the Best as my favorite 2NE1 and workout songs. Come Back Home is not my favorite song, but the MV with the little plot line about virtual reality is interesting and I’m loving the hair/makeup in it.

And since this is a skincare (and makeup) blog, I will stop here and try my best to contain my huge girl crush over them, altho speaking of makeup, these girls know their eyeliners. *goes off daydreaming*……


12 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk11: Last of the GlamGlows, Brightmud Eye Treatment

  1. Ah i have a sample of the Glamglow Eye Mask thing! I’ve been wanting to use it, but i have no issues with my eyes so i know i wouldn’t see any difference, I was going to give one pod to my sister, She has issues with lines, dark circles, puffiness and such so i want to see how it works for her!

  2. thanks for the information on the Glamglow eye mask. I missed out on a sample when Sephora had it as a sample. Glad I didn’t miss out on much 🙂 Great blog post

  3. Ermahgerd! I did not know I was supposed to shake my PTR Retinol! Oh, noes, what have I been doing to my skin?!

    But seriously, how much of your bottle had you used up before you found out about the shaking? I’ve used probably half a smaller bottle (including a not-insignificant spill), and now I feel like I should start a new bottle…

    1. LOL. I think I used 1/4 of my .5oz before I was lazying around and just randomly picked it up and glanced at the back “…..shake well….wait, what?”

      Honestly there’s no change in feel, it just look slightly cloudy after shaking but that’s it. The shaking is for the encapsulated retinol I hypothesize, and it’s not separated into layers, so I think it’s probably ok, lol, I wonder how many people do actually shake it before using…..

      ….haha, I feel like skincare journal’s not very interesting so I always preface it with something, but it looks like people actually read it. =)

      1. I read! I just tend to lurk more than I comment. 🙂 Thank you for the heads up on this. I did wonder why the product didn’t seem to affect my skin as much as some people say – never got dry or irritated, and my skin tends to be sensitive. I will have to see what happens when I give this baby a shake. Very glad to hear it isn’t separated into layers, though!

  4. i have several samples of that glamglow eye thingy. good to know each pod will be enough for both eyes! I will definitely give them a go. I didn’t find the regular glam glow things to be all that exciting considering the price. there are much nicer skincare options out there at that price, i feel like? 🙂

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