Skincare Journal wk10: GlamGlow ThirstyMud

I didn’t have time to read up/research and gather up information, which is what I would’ve liked to post, so this week will be GlamGlow week where I review all the Glamglow products. Since I was on a hydrating mask marathon, let’s start with Thirstymud. I did a post on sheet mask, which provides intense hydration but is also time consuming and not everyone may enjoy lying down with a wet sheet on their face. I also did a post on normal hydrating masks, so this is more of an addendum to that.

Glamglow thirstymud

Application/feel: It smells coconut-y, a fruity round scent (it does contain apple and coconut). It applies like a gel cream but it does not dry and leaves a thin cream layer on the skin even after 10 minutes, kind of like Origins Drink Up mask (in white tube). There is a mild tingly sensation going on, probably from the ginger. It’s not really harder or easier to rinse off than any other hydrating masks. There’s no change in color, which is sheer, so you won’t look crazy if your neighbor/mailman caught you wearing it.


Effect/ingredients: When I use it as a mask, where I tissue off, the skin feels hydrated and plump. I have combination skin so it doesn’t like the creamy/thicker hydrating masks as much as gel masks. The moisture just doesn’t get absorbed so my skin feel the same afterward/second day. This is rich and creamy but, probably due to the acid from fruit extract, the moisture is able to penetrate better and did manage to hydrate/moisturize my skin. It did feel a bit stuffy and I can’t wear moisturizer over it if I tissue off, altho I did use a very light moisturizer after I rinse it off. It also works fine as a overnight mask as long as you don’t mind the slightly greasy feel.

This is a great hydrating mask for dry/combo skin, altho it might be too stuffy for oily/combo skin. And ginger is a fickle one, since the tingling might be too intense for sensitive skin. It works and I like it, but since I don’t need intense hydration very often…..I think I’d rather go for sheet masks with that price.

Skin condition: Yay the red spots from The Great Breakout are finally disappearing. They are still there, but no longer as obvious. *phew* took it long enough. Ugh, my period have started, with the accompanied uncomfortable feeling, but no GIGANTIC pimple as prelude beforehand. Well, I did get a pimple, but it was normal/smaller sized, so yay? My skin is super soft right now, but lots of underskin bumps, milia and other unidentified bumps. Some are more obvious than others and they can be blurred with some powder, but I’ve had some of them for almost a decade and would like them gone.

skin bumps
First time showing my face and it’s a close up of all the problem areas, lol. My skin’s actually not that red, it’s the wonky light-adjustment thing that camera phones do.

I know I saw a difference in size and discoloration of one of the bumps (identified later by derm as a milia) back when I was using Origins Brighter by Nature peel pad, but not all of the bumps are milia. I will try stuff with glycolic acid again later, but I don’t want to overwhelm my skin right now since I’m using retinol and it gets so dry so easily. The Peter Thomas Retinol PM serum that I’m using right now claims to help with skintone/texture and my skin has finally adjusted to the retinol, so hopefully I will see some effect on the bumps by end of this month.

Products used: I’m so silly. A serum is a serum is a serum, but I didn’t realize until this week that the PTR retinol PM serum says “shake well” before applying! I’ve been just using the dropper to put 3-5 drops on my hand and then apply without shaking it, and I keep forgetting. I’ve put a little sticker “shake well” on the bottle so hopefully I will remember to do that before applying from now on. Aside from that, I used Glamglow Thirstymud and Tarte Amazonian Clay mask this week, and occasionally Clinique 7 day scrub in the shower. The rest of the regimen stayed the same:

  • Boscia Purifying Cleansing gel
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • PTR Retinol PM serum
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Nude ProGenius oil
  • Origins Brighter by Nature spf35

The little bottle of Boscia cleanser is almost finished. I think I’ll probably finish it next week and have already taken out AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Foam, eagerly waiting to be used.

Other influences: I know kimchi gives me pimples, but I saw people eating BingDaeTteok on Running Man (a Korean TV show) and couldn’t help but making it. It was delicious freshly made, with the crispy edge, the sharp sourness of the kimchi, and the mungbeans gave it a bit of creamy texture. With that said, it quickly became blah when it was cold, so while I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t buy ingredients specifically to make it again. And while I’ve been doing some half-hearted yoga, they are more like stretches, so I decided to try the 30 Days Challenge that a friend mentioned. All the 3 digit numbers are intimidating, and I rest for 1 day inbetween. So far I’ve done day 1 and day 2. It was with great difficulty that I finished 100 bicycle crunches because I usually don’t think of exercise until after dinner, and the last time I want to do at end of the day is exercise. I broke it up into set of 10 or 20 crunches, with a short rest (watch a youtube music video) in between. I am worried about all the 200 set ones, and what are all these foreign words??? burpees? Russian twist? Superman? Donkey kicks?…..???????? oh well, while I might not get through the 30 day challenge in 30 days, I’m hoping to finish it in 60 days at least. 0.0


5 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk10: GlamGlow ThirstyMud

  1. Most hydrating masks I’ve used don’t really do much for me. I did like the Origins drink up intensive though! Smells excellent and actually did hydrate my dry skin! What I really want to try next is the Burts Bees Intense Hydration Treatment mask! It has excellent reviews and doesn’t need to be removed with water. You can just tissue most of it off with a washcloth and rub whatever small amount is left on your skin into your face πŸ˜€

    1. Haha, you are so loyal to Burt’s Bee. I’ve only ever tried their body products but never the face products. It’s on my list of things to try, but I can’t seem to stop buying sets from Sephora and have so much stuff, lol. @.@

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