Skincare Journal wk8: Atomizers

I have a ton of fragrance samples and have been reducing the stash, but I just don’t wear those dropper vials as much as spray ones. Well, if you accumulate a couple of the same sample, you can always pour it in an atomizer. A fragrance sample actually contain quite a bit of liquid. It looks like 4 sample vials should be able to fill 1 atomizer.


I only have 3 John Varvatos Artisan samples and that’s how much it was combined. I am aware that it’s actually a cologne instead of a perfume, but it’s actually a nice unisex scent. Sometimes colognes have too musky or spicy or sharp of a note for me, but John Varvatos Artisan reminds me of Clean perfumes, it’s fresh and soft, not super feminine/sexy or masculine, just clean, well, a bit spicy clean. My other two favorite cologne on me are Prada Luna Rossa and Givenchy Play Sport. They are both fresh and crisp, not very floral since they are cologne but also without that super musky/spicy undertone. I really have way too much fragrance to buy them, but I hoard samples for those whenever possible.

There are a couple other colognes I also love on the paper, but as soon as it’s sprayed on my skin it turns so musky and spicy and is most definitely unmistakably manly. If there is a scent that you like that doesn’t work well with your skin chemistry, you can also spray on clothe instead if you don’t want scent change. Some people say it stains the clothe, but I haven’t noticed it altho all my fragrance are light colored. Some people also say that “scent smells differentΒ on different people” is a myth, but here’s an interesting explanation of why it’s not. So that was that, now, skincare journal…..

Skin condition: Awww, got a pimple on the side of my nose, and the skin texture doesn’t feel as good, but at least I know why. I get pimples when I eat spicy food, and for some weird reason, oranges. I was craving oranges so I bought a bag, but it’s almost gone so I should be fine after that. I also overdosed on milk and cheese products this week. Instead of normal Clinique 7 day scrub cream I used Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Retexturizer scrub, and I got dry, almost flaky cheek the second day. Looks like using glycolic acid and retinol (even on different days) is a bit too much for me. Boo scaly cheeks. Back to the basic I go!

Products: Got a sample of Fresh Black tea mask, reconfirmed that it smells heavenly, feels great, and….does not hydrate. =( For some reason my skin just don’t absorb anything in it, doesn’t even work as well as GlamGlow ThirstyMud. I don’t really care for the mild, round fruity scent (coconut, banana and apple). There’s a slight tingle when on and unlike gel masks, it never dries completely. You can rinse it off or leave it on overnight. It does make skin feel hydrated and plump when left overnight, but I’m not quite a fan of the way my skin feel with it on. Is it good? yes. Is it worth $69? mmmm……let me think about that. I also used my SK-II sheet mask this week, which will be reviewed in the blog post about sheet mask coming soon. Other than that, same regimen:

  • Boscia Purifying gel cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • PTR retinol PM
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Nude Progenius oil
  • Origins Brighter by Nature spf 35 moisturizer

Gotta fix that scaly cheek. Once that’s taken care of, I’ve got a sample of Clinique Rinse-off foamy cleanser that I’ve been wanting to try for a while cuz it’s got good reviews. That’s the only new thing for now.

Other influences:Β I bought a block of cheese intending to make Mac and Cheese, and freeze half batch. With work getting busier, I end up just eating cheese sandwich or putting generous amount on pasta, and lots of cereals, and quite a bit of ice cream. Perhaps that’s why my weight haven’t Β gone down despite the fact I start exercise a bit more. And I don’t think my skin likes dairy as much as my tastebuds do…..I do want to eat more vegetables, but no time to cook and salad is so boring. Hmmm, gotta find a solution to that.


4 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk8: Atomizers

    1. The little bottle as in the thing I’m pouring it into? It’s a perfume atomizer, pretty common and in Sephora, too. Some are like the one I show and others only take spray perfumes. If you search for atomizer or perfume atomizer, you should get it. =)

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