Skincare Journal wk6: Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream Review

Well, at beginning of this week, I finally finished using up my Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream. After trying over a hundred skincare products, I’ve pretty much found my preferred choice of products for summer skincare regimen. The only thing that I’m still looking for is a fantastic winter toner and winter night moisturizer. This would’ve been it, if not for the price—$90?!?!?! But when you think about it, most moisturizers are 1-1.7oz so it’s really $45 for 1oz so it is not fantastically expensive like La Mer.


It have a mild green scent with a hint of chemical so it should be pleasant to use for everyone unless you have a severe allergy/irritation toward any fragrance. The jar is opaque which helps to protect the active ingredients that can breakdown faster in sunlight. Speaking of preserving active ingredients, a pump is probably better than jar to lessen the air exposure, but I suppose they can’t do that here because it’s a pure white balm….yup, a balm. Even when I bang it against my desk upside down it still retained it’s shape so I was a little worried it will be too stuffy/thick and won’t absorb. As dehydrated as my skin gets in the winter, I’ve learned that it’s different from truly dry skin and sometimes moisturizer that are too rich will clog my pores. I was a little worried but when I dip my finger in there, the body heat softens it and it blends easily on the skin. It feels more water-based than oil-based so it makes your skin feel hydrated and velvety but not greasy. You don’t need much to cover the whole face and it actually sinks in pretty well. I’m not old enough to tell any anti-aging effect it have, but I would recommend it for dry skin, dehydrated combination skin, and any skin that needs a boost in the winter. Love the way it feels on the skin, try it if you get a chance. =)

Skin condition: Since my acne and dryness have gone down, I figure it’s finally time to deal with my flesh colored bumps. I’ve had some of them for years and they are scattered around my mouth and under the eyes. They don’t distract from how I look, but it’s noticeable and I want them gone. I used retinol every other day and also used Konjac sponges quite a bit this week. While my skin do not feel sensitive or raw, it did get pinker…..overexfoliation? Usually around this time of the year my skin is dry and flaky, but this year it’s oily/combo, same as it is in the summer, I guess that means all those masks/peels must have worked.

Products: Since I used up my Algenist moisturizer, it’s FINALLY time to break open the seal and use my Peter Thomas Roth retinol PM serum!
Release the Kraken!

Or that’s how I felt at least. I’ve heard raving reviews about it, but retinol is a fussy ingredient so I’ve always been tentative about trying it. I’ve had the serum for almost a year now, it’s now or never! I brushed up on my retinol knowledge for a bit. You are suppose to introduce retinol slowly, use it every other day for two weeks then ramp it up. Apparently some redness and flaking is normal in the beginning, but if the redness is not going down by mid/end of next week, then I’m cutting back the retinol use. Otherwise products stay the same:

  • Boscia Purifying cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner
  • Peter Thomas Roth retinol PM serum
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Nude ProGenius facial oil
  • Origins Brighter by Nature moisturizer SPF35

On days when I’m not using retinol, I will be using clay mask to clean out the pores. If needed I will use Clinique 7 day scrub cream, but will try not to if I can help it.

Other influences: My diet has been going from spicy fake chinese food (terrible for skin) to just bread, nuts and cheese depending on the day. I wish I can be one of those people that functions perfectly on 4hrs of sleep, but I just can’t. It’s busy lately so I’m getting 4-6hrs when ideally I would get 7-8. I will try to go to sleep and wake up earlier at least. It’s so cold that I just can’t bring myself to go to the gym, so yoga at home it is, ~20min every other day while watching Colbert Report.


5 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk6: Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream Review

    1. Well, it have the consistency of almost water and sinks in pretty well. I experienced no sensitivity or flaking but after using it every other day, twice, I noticed my face was definitely very pink, so I went for 3 days without using it and the redness went down. I used it again yesterday, but yeah, everyone had amazing results when using it, so fingers crossed! =X

  1. Great review! The texture of that face cream seems divine! I have dry skin so I usually gravitate towards thicker creams or balms. I’ve been using my sample of the origins plantscription eye treatment the past couple of weeks and while I like it enough to buy the full size I cant wait to try the cream version instead. I like the texture of the treatment ( gel formula so its real easy to apply) but it doesn’t give me enough hydration and hydration is the #1 reason why I’ve started using eye cream this year.

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