Skincare Journal wk5: eye care

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for beauty, and sometimes you just can’t win. *sigh* Everyone says that the skin is the thinnest around the eyes, so that’s where first sign of aging appears. It’s usually good to start incorporating an eye cream in your early 20s and you only need to use a small amount. In fact, if it contains too many active ingredients, slathering on the eye cream could actually irritate your eyes. And make sure to pat it on instead of rubbing it on…..and that’s where I start getting stuck.Β What about those eye massage exercises? you are practically rubbing your eye contour.

Yay the default picture for the journal entries!

And every other beauty tips article I see says to use an extra pillow to reduce puffy eye……but if you have double chin then use no pillow to reduce that. Which basically means if you have eye bags AND double chin–sorry sweetheart, you can only pick one. I end up picking the pillow because I like to snuggle it when I sleep, and my eye bags seem to have more to do with lack of sleep and diet than my pillow.

Then there’s the thing about not actually applying eye cream on the eyelid but only on the contours. Pfft, I’ve got dry/flaky skin along my lashline, so if I can’t apply there then I’m not getting it. With that said, only put eye cream there if it’s the basic kind. If it’s suppose to have any tingling/cooling sensation, exfoliating/potent anti-aging ingredients, or “light diffusing particles” then they might irritate your eyes. And if you are doubtful, a lightweight facial oil also works on those little dry spots on the eyelid.

Skin condition: for this week, skin condition is not that bad. The bumps have gone down but the red marks from acne are not fading fast enough. I’m worried that they may turn into spots. No dry flaky patches so that’s a yay. For now, the focus is on getting rid of red marks and lighten discoloration.

Products: Well, I had to do some traveling this week and packed in a hurry. While I triple checked to make sure I got all my work stuff and even makeup, I forgot the moisturizer with SPF. And since it’s only a couple of days and indoors, I decided to just use my normal moisturizer instead of buying a new moisturizer with SPF. I used white Glamglow and Origins Charcoal mask, once each. Aside from that my routine is:

  • Boscia purifying cleanser
  • Etude House Wonderpore toner first half, Mario Badescu Cucumber toner second half of the week
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
  • Origins Plantscription eye cream
  • Algenist Overnight Restorative cream
  • Josie Maran spf40 first half, Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation second half of the week.

It looks like I’m almost done with JM spf40, so now I’m debating whether I should use another winter spf, or since I’ve got some lighter moisturizer with spf that needs to be used up….maybe I can use those lightweight ones with either a serum or moisturizer underneath? I’m almost done with Algenist, so for the coming week it will be Peter Thomas Roth retinol PM instead of OH Truth Serum aaaaannnd….Nude ProGenius oil. Does that sound like a good pairing? or maybe Shiseido Benefiance instead of the oil?

Other influences:Β I was traveling this week and there were so much to do before that….I left without washing my face in the morning (yikes!). The airplane was sooo dry and heated inside that I really regret forgetting one of my flight basics — moisturizing spray. Those two combined gave me a bit of blocked pores that kind of want to turn into acne, but a long shower and Origins Charcoal mask that night took care of it. Aside from that, work is picking up speed, so it’s going to be a bit hard getting enough sleep and not get stressed out. >.<


5 thoughts on “Skincare Journal wk5: eye care

  1. Have you ever tried Acnetix? Its my #1 acne treatment. Its a all natural exfoliating face wash. When my skin is breaking out (due to trying different skincare items or mixing different formulas) I rely on this. I never have to worry about acne marks or further irritating my skin with this. One bottles lasts me ages, I usually keep it in the shower. When I feel like I need it, I use it twice a day with nothing else ( it leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy) and that layer it leaves behind heals whatever problem I have on my face. It doesn’t have the best smell, but once you get used to it you’ll never smell it again. Give it a go.

    1. Hmm, I have not. The thing is I usually get one or two acne a month but never a breakout like half dozen in the same area, which is what I had last month, so most acne treatment are a bit too harsh for me. My skin don’t really like salicylic acid and exfoliating face wash. Right now the red marks are fading so I think whatever’s in my stash should be fine. I will keep acnetix in mind next time I do get acne. Smell don’t bother me, it does sound like a good product.

    1. It is! I’m trying to stick to one thing until I use it up, so glad most of them are deluxe sample/minis, cuz when I get impatient, it’s like “c’mon, you are half way through already! almost done!”

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