Skincare Journal wk4: Save the meteorites! Sanitize your makeup!

While I’m a relatively lazy person, I know that it takes me forever to use up cosmetics so I try to always keep things sanitary. I wash my hand before makeup application, applies on clean face, always use a new/clean brush each time and I try not to double dip. So far it’s worked well. I thought about writing a post on sanitizing makeup, but really, this post from Modern Rosies gives a thorough explanation for how to sanitize every kind of makeup and put it much better than I can, so I will be referring to it if I ever need a refresher. 

I saw a post on BeautyTalk where a fellow BTer mentioned that a meteorites pearl dropped out of the jar when she swirled her brush too hard. Psssh, I’m a careful person. That’s never gonna happen to me……well guess what, I was in a hurry one morning and a bit absent minded. As I was swirling, one of the ball bounced out onto the carpet. Nooooooo!

Save Meteorites
The little ball that decided it wants to see more of the outside world and escaped. Not so fast, little guy…

I mean, it is a pink one, the least needed of the bunch and it’s not the end of the world if I throw it away but, but but……of course I decided to sanitize it and put it back. I put the pearl on a clean kleenex, gently rubbed the outer layer off, sprayed it with alcohol and wait until it dries, then dust off that layer again with an eyeshadow brush. Then back into the container it goes. Thus ends its little adventure.

Skin condition: I thought I had gotten rid of the dryness, but all it takes is a couple days outside in this subzero temperature with 15mph wind….*sigh*… cheeks were dry, flaky and scaly and my acne were slightly irritated. Fortunately I got it back under control again so while the skin on my cheek feel a bit fragile, they are no longer scaly or flaky. And while moisturize is the last thing you want to do when the acne feels irritated, unfortunately that’s what it needs sometimes, just make sure it’s light hydration that penetrate deep into the skin instead of stuffy heavy cream that sits on top and clog the pores. There are no new acnes (thank god!) and the bumps have gone down, so now it’s just a bunch of red dots. And I still don’t know what gave me those acnes in the first place. o.O

Products: The products used this week are all over the place depending on if I was outside or not. I was using the regimen from last week, until my skin got scaly and flaky mid-week, then I ditched the scrub and toner. That night, I used Kate Somerville ExfoliKate gentle to remove the flakes followed by Nude ProGenius oil all over the face. I used the oil instead of moisturizer since my skin was sensitive and I just used an enzyme peel so I don’t want any active ingredients from the serum/moisturizers to irritate or interfere with the products I used. The day after that, I used a sheet hydration mask right after cleansing, and after it dried, I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed the left over serum on my cheeks. While hydration masks are great at delivering moisture deep into your skin, it does not protect your skin from moisture loss in a dry environment. Even if it’s dehydrated, combo skin is still different from dry skin and I was afraid that Nude ProGenius might be too much, so I put a couple drops of Tarte Maracuja oil in my palm and pat it onto my cheeks.

  • Boscia Purifying Gel Cleanser – every night
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum – every day to give my skin an extra layer of hydration
  • Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer spf40 – every day
  • Hourglass no.28 primer serum – every day for some skincare benefit/boost and to protect the cheeks against the wind.
  • Algenist Overnight Restorative cream – on night when I didn’t use scrub/treatment.
  • Nude ProGenius or Tarte Maracuja oil – as moisturizer after hydration mask or on top of moisturizers. Both tried before and are safe.
  • Exfolikate Gentle – tried before, made my face a bit red but does not hurt and effective at reducing acne.
  • Wei Gingko Leaf Repairing face treatment pad and Boscia Cool Blue Calming mask – used twice, first time trying them this week.

I used up the last bit of Origins Perfect World toner this week so I will start using Etude House Wonderpore toner instead. haven’t decided what masks I will use next week, that will depend on my skin condition.

Other influences: I don’t really like to cook meat so unless I eat out, my diet consists of grains, sweets and vegetables everyday….but I love eating meat, and after almost a week f that I feel like I’m about to go crazy. I just want to sink my teeth into some steak or chicken leg until I’m stuffed….so I end up getting a pulled pork wrap, a beef empanada, and made myself some curry shrimp. Yum. I was thinking of going to the exercise room, but in this ridiculous cold, I don’t want to set foot outside unless I have to so the exercise room key remains untouched. I did end up doing light Yoga twice, so that’s an improvement?


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