Skincare Journal: week 3

I am off my no-buy last week! Yay! Of course I celebrated with a trip to the mall and intended to reward myself with a dozen maracons from Trader Joe’s. Unfortunately they no longer have it, I was devastated and instead got a pear tart, mango ice cream mochi, cream puff, and creme brulee as replacement. There may have been a discrepancy in quantity and calorie between the original and the replacement, but you know, potayto potahto. It’s ok as long as I don’t over eat, right? my dinner that day may have consisted of 6 mango ice cream mochi and 6 macarons, just a little bit overboard, maybe, you know, potayto tomahto, or was it pomelo whatevo. Anyways, moving on……

Sugar's effect on skin
….turns out, I’m not as artistic as I thought….

….I got subscribed to Allure magazine and the first issue came, with a very thorough article about the effect of sugar on skin. Basically it said that while some sugar are worse than others, all types of sugar are bad for the skin. The effect is not as obvious as sun damage, but there is a significant effect. With that said, it’s natural to crave sugar and you don’t need to cut it out completely, moderation is the key. And it’s kind of impossible to cut it out completely anyways since it’s present in natural and processed food (even the salty/non-sweet kind). What about those cool kids on the block, honey or agave nectar? well, the idea is that since they are sweeter than normal sugar, you need less to achieve the same taste, therefore you eat less sugar. That’s it. No magical slimming properties and there goes my dream of eating ice cream mochi and macaron for dinner, oh well.

Skin condition: All my acne have gotten smaller and turned red, which means they are dying (good) and that I have a splattering of red dots on my chin (not so good). But at least there’s no new ones, right? *knocks on wood* Please go away already! The one stubborn blackhead around my nose came out. The DIY Lush Ocean Salt scrub I made actually have a positive effect (dried out my pimples/blackheads and moisturized the dry patches), but it unmistakably stings, like if you applied a thick mask of ExfoliKate intensive. Lesson learned, never go by your nose and always test at every single step when DIY. Anyways, the point is, no more dry/flaky patches. My skin is officially completely back to its combo self. Welcome back!

Products: Now that my skin is mostly under control again, I feel the laziness coming back and I hemmed and hawed when it’s time to do skincare at night. No! Self-discipline! Brush your teeth and clean your face is basic hygiene, how can you look chic with a dirty, pimply greasy face? Aside from using the DIY Ocean Salt scrub 3 times this week, I did not use anything else in addition to my daily regimen, which stayed the same so I can better tell the effect of the DIY scrub:

  • Boscia Purifying Gel Cleanser
  • Origins Perfect World Toner
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
  • Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream
  • Origins Plantscription Eye Cream
  • Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer spf40

For the coming week I’ll be using the sample of Lush Ocean Salt I got to compare result with my DIY and try out samples of Boscia peel off masks I got. I’ll probably run out of toner this week, so it will be substituted with Etude House Wonderpore toner. I’m almost at the bottom of the jar for Algenist cream, so after it is done then I’m going to start using my Peter Thomas Roth retinol PM.

Other influences: Diet stayed mostly the same with organic/whole grains and good amount of vegetables everyday. Ok ok, so I might have ODed on macarons, but but but! I did get a replacement for the key I lost,and it is the key tooooo…..the room of doom the exercise room! Which means I can now run while listening to angsty music. I’ve also cleaned up my space, enough to have a yoga mat on the floor, which means I can now join millions of women in bending themselves in the most awkward positions attempt to increase flexibility and detox the body with yoga videos from youtube. My bedtime have been slipping later and later to ~2am every day. The goal for this week is to bring it back to around midnight. Until next time, ciao!

yoga cat


2 thoughts on “Skincare Journal: week 3

  1. I have a sample of that Origins Plantscription eye cream and seeing it on your list is kinda making me itch for it lol. I’m still too afraid to try out my Josie Maran Argan Oil for fear that it will break me out. And I’m still fixing my skin from that horrible Tom Ford moisturizer sample. Can you use the Josie Maran argan oil as a eye cream?

    1. I got it from the Sephora promo. It’s fine for me even along the lashline, but I would recommend getting our current skin problem under control before testing new things. You can use JM as eye cream, I have rubbed it on dry patches on my eyelid before. It is kind of heavy so you might want to rub it between your fingers and dab it on rather than put the oil on straight, and I know some people on BT said it make them breakout, so if you have not tried JM on your face yet, maybe wait. If you have tried it on your face with no ill effect, go ahead.

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