Skincare journal: week 2

Hope everyone stayed warm this week! The phrase “polar vortex” is all over the media and sounds more like some finishing move in Avatar or Star Trek when really, it just means very very cold weather. I would’ve thought that my furry upstair neighbor, who loves to scratch the roof at odd times to disturb my sleep, would have moved out already. Nope, saw him/her canvasing the neighborhood this week:

Winter SquirrelWinterplants

The ridiculous weather is taking a toll on my skin, and I have been carrying an eye gel roller around to use whenever my eyeballs feel like shriveled prune from the dry indoor heat. Now that I have fulfilled my duty as a northeasterner by complaining about the weather, let’s get to the fun stuff…..

Skin condition: While not neglecting my skincare fixed the dry skin issue, the acne is being a bit more stubborn. Seriously, it’s been over a month. I have ruled out clothe/stuff contact with skin, food, weather and allergic reaction to skincare, so the only thing left is…..hormone? Tom (Time Of the Month) is visiting this week, so if that’s the case I’m expecting it to be gone next week you hear?!?! *shake my fist at my acne* While majority of the acne have went away, I got 3 new ones on my chin. It’s better than a dozen that I had before, right? My skin is regaining it’s moisture balance and the Origins charcoal took away the dirt from my pores so they look normal now.

Products: I used Origins Charcoal mask once to clean out my pores. I tried GlamGlow Youthmud TingleExfoliate treatment once to treat the bumps/acne but it made my cheeks a bit dry/flaky instead. Oops, backing off….*note to self* scrubbing harder does not reduce bumps/oil, it just makes the area oily and flaky. =(. I guess I’ll stick to Origins Charcoal for masks then. Other than that the daily regimen stays the same…..

  • Boscia Purifying Gel Cleanser
  • Origins Perfect World Toner
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
  • Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream
  • Origins Plantscription Eye Cream
  • Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer spf40

Other influences: Stuck at home makes me crave junk food, and I was SO tempted to get ice cream, cheesecake, cookies or fried chicken when grocery shopping. Instead, I went for some roasted beef, bread, salad and made a sweet potato cake. It may have a stick of butter in it, but I didn’t put any frosting on it, so that’s good, right? I may or may not have picked off half of the pecan I sprinkled on top (wasn’t exactly thinking of sharing or aesthetic when I was taking the moist cake with the buttery buttery crispy pecan out of the oven).

Sweet Potato Cake

ps. Made a noob blogger mistake today. Was working on the Lush Ocean Salt DIY, accidentally clicked the publish button instead of save. It still need some tweaking, it’s got vodka in it after all. For those of you subscribed through email, sorry for the extra email! It will not happen again. >.<


5 thoughts on “Skincare journal: week 2

  1. Lol i was so confused! I got the email and was like ohhh let me check it out, and was like hmm, did i read the email right! Lol well i can’t wait to read it when it’s finished! 🙂

    1. Sorry! It will not happen again. I can’t post a recipe without testing it on myself first afterall. I panicked when it published then immediately run to the bathroom to try it, then panicked when I felt a brief tingle/stingy sensation and immediately took the post down, but my skin actually feel kind of nice today morning altho I need to try it more to make sure I’m not posting something irresponsible. Yay you are an early adapter so you get my noobness along with the good stuff. -.-;

  2. i liked the origins mask as an overnight spot treatment around this time last year! But ugh the hormone thing is plaguing me too i think. break outs, dryness (AGAIN!) and i’ve not done anything different. Groan!

    1. Have you ever tried sheet masks? I brought When Snow Angel on a whim and it felt LOVELY and actually did brighten as well as hydrates. But of course, Sephora discontinued it right before I run out and it looks like they are phasing out the When masks (only 2 types left). =/

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