Blue roses do exist! Anna Sui cheek color in mystic rose.

While this blog is started to keep my resolution of healthier body/habits and better skin, of course I cannot avoid the temptation of pretty makeup. I may or may not have gotten it last holiday because of a really good promo on As I was browsing non-Sephora brands, I couldn’t help but be enamored by the Anna Sui rose cheek color. Originally I planned to get one of the pink/coral ones, but I almost never wear blush and already have four, so I went for the novelty “blush” in blue/purple and The packaging is typical Anna Sui and the compact fits in the palm of my hand comfortably, not too big.

Anna Sui mystic rose

As soon as I opened the compact, the rose scent hit me. It’s almost the same as the rose scent from Fresh Rose mask. The flower print and the colors are gorgeous as expected, the only shimmer/glittery part is the white rose in the middle.

Anna Sui mystic rose

The texture is nice, pretty easy to pick up powder. I was worried it’s going to be too purple based on all the swatches I’ve seen online. I shouldn’t have worried. While my finger picked up a plenty, it gives a soft frosty glow and in order for the color to show and for camera to pick it up, I have to use a primer and an eyeshadow sponge. I have light/med skin with yellow undertone and the blue seems a tad green on my skin, lol.

Anna Sui mystic rose swatches

You can probably use the color separately as pastel eyeshadow like some of the runway looks for spring.Β It’s a very soft, pretty and slightly shimmery color when blended together and works well as a highlighter. I don’t think it works well as a blush by itself since the color is so light unless you’ve got some redness in your skin, which lead me to my next point–does it play nice with others? It’s a highlighter and some reviewers mentioned layering it over blush to achieve a cooler effect, which of course prompted me to take out all my blushes for a spin.

Anna Sui mystic rose and blush

The blushes are: Korres Contouring Trio in Mykonos, Tarte blush in Thankful from the Thoughtful Treasures Set, Physician’s Formula Happy Glow and Mood Boosting blush in Rose, and Josie Maran Coconutwater Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape. The highlighter blended together is shown on the far right.Β I dabbed them on with my finger over primer. Sure I can make it more intense like the other blogger swatches, but the point here is to see how it looks naturally as a blush with the highlighter on top the way it might look on your cheek (which also made it harder to capture). I swirled a fluffy eyeshadow brush in the highlighter and swept it over the top half of the blushes. The difference is subtle but it is more obvious over the cheek gelee than the powder blushes (maybe because cream/liquid/gel grabs powder better?).

Anna Sui swatched over blush

You can see that it made the blushes/overall look a bit glowy and with a cooler/frosty shimmer. The actual shimmer/glitter particles are not noticeable unless you over apply or were specifically looking for it. It doesn’t actually show up purple on the skin but when applied over the JM blush (cool pink, last blush swatch) it did give me a purple finish, a bit more pinkish purple than captured by the image.

Overall I like it. It looks pretty, it smells nice and it applies nicely. You can use individual color as pastel eyeshadow or swirl everything together for a cool, slightly blue/purple toned highlighter. It gives more of a glow than any color, altho that might be because I’m yellow undertoned, perhaps the color shows up better on pink undertones. If you’ve got color on your cheeks (naturally or using blush) this will give it a cooler glow, a slightly purple tinge. It is pretty subtle on the skin, but it’s face makeup, not eyeshadows, so subtle is more of a pro than a con I suppose. The weather has made it very clear that it is very much winter right now and I’m too much of an oil slick in the summer, but when spring comes around, I’ll definitely be taking it out and swipe it here and there when I do my makeup in the morning. =)


6 thoughts on “Blue roses do exist! Anna Sui cheek color in mystic rose.

  1. Great post, I love your swatches and I love this blush! I got it in July or August and I think it’s gorgeous. It makes me feel like a glowy fairy because it’s so pretty and different. I ended up getting the 400 Anna Rose shade too (the reddest one) and it is the closest blush I’ve worn to looking like a 100% natural flush on my skin. Really really beautiful.

    Here’s a link to a picture of the different shades to show the 400 shade, I don’t think I can post a picture in my comment.

    1. Purrrty! I was very tempted to get one of the more coral/orange ones, but they’ll just end up looking like bronzer rather than orange blush on me. I am not as adventurous in makeup as I am in skincare, so I’m kind of relieved that it’s more on the highlighter side than a blue/purple blush, altho if I want that I can always layer it over one of my blush. The most natural blush on me is Josie Maran. Since YSL didn’t work out, are you going to try find another purple blush?

      1. I’ve got a handful of other purples, I wanted to wait until I’d figured out the YSL thing before I did a post about them, so I guess it’s time to go ahead and write it!

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! Not sure how this one in particular would look on my cool-toned fair skin, but the packaging is soooo pretty πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll have to look into one of the other shades.

  3. This is gorgeous! And it started me thinking. I don’t usually wear blush because I have naturally rosy cheeks. But I love your idea of using it as a glowy sheen over my cheeks!

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