Test Test 123: Hydration Mask Showdown (Fresh, PTR and Origins)

I was going to just stick to a simple skincare regimen, but being a skincare addict, how I can resist the stash of masks I have? Besides, if I’m ever going to test hydrating masks, it should be at a time when my skin is dry, right? So yay for the first product review! This will not cover overnight/leave-on masks which are essentially upgraded moisturizers. There are too many products to review one by one, so I’ll do them in sets of 3 to compare when I can. Sheet masks will be another review next time I place an order (currently on a no-buy until mid-Jan). Today we will talk about rinse off hydrating masks, which will calm your skin and provide you with a boost of hydration that makes the skin smooth and moisturized, but you do need to apply moisturizer afterwards. The three masks I’ll be comparing today are: Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask, Fresh Rose Face Mask and Origins Drink Up 10 minutes to Quench Skin’s thirst.

Hydrating Masks

Test 1: Fresh rose mask!
I actually used up that little jar last yr so I don’t have a picture of the content to show. It’s a sheer yellow/brown gel with little bits of rose petal in it. It’s not really noticeable except for the random little bits of stuff on your skin while wearing it. It’s the same consistency as PTR cucumber so it would look/feel pretty much the same as PTR when applied/dried. It have a mild floral scent and feels cooling when applied. When it dries completely, you can rinse it off and there is a very slight brightening effect. The softening and brightening effect probably comes from rosewater in the ingredient, which have a long standing history of beautifying the skin. The effect doesn’t last long and is more of a bonus, however, and if you are looking for something truly lightening/brightening then I would suggest a serum instead.

Test 2: PTR cucumber mask!
While it is very very green in the big jar, it is not radioactive or show up green on your face since it’s very very sheer. It is safe to wear in the presence of your roommate/significant other/pets and they probably won’t even notice. The scent is a mild….clinical/cucumber scent? It feels cool/refreshing, dries completely after a while, then you can rinse it off. If your room is so dry your night moisturizer evaporates completely in the morning, then I can see how this would be great applied over the moisturizer, otherwise there isn’t much effect. It does contain pineapple/papaya extracts, enzymes that helps to soften and mildly exfoliate so the product is able to sink in deeper into your skin, probably especially good if you are prone to dry/flaky patches. Since I am perfectly happy with my array of exfoliators and use them regularly, this is a bonus that I don’t really need, and I do like brightening, so I’ll probably stick with my rose mask.

hydrating mask drying
Swatches of the PTR cucumber (see? no hulk) and Origins Drink Up on my arm.

Test 3: Origins Drink up!
There is a mask version (this white one) and an overnight version (green one) and this is about the mask version. It have a very noticeable sweet orange scent and is a white cream that looks/applies like a moisturizer. The only difference is that it doesn’t dry up after a while, like gel masks. If you feel it with your finger after 10 or 20 minutes, it feels slightly oily/greasy and it doesn’t rinse off easily (which is probably why some people find it uncomfortable). There is a difference between dehydrated combination skin (what I have) and actual dry skin, which I suspect is the reason why my skin didn’t really absorb/like it and gel masks work much better for me. It does hydrate some what, but does not have the extra benefit the Fresh and PTR provides, many others I know much prefer the green/overnight version to this mask/white version. On the plus side, it is great for facial massage.

NOTE: With that said, you need to look at more than just ratings for hydration masks. Do you know that dry skin is different from dehydrated combo/oily skin? I have combo/oily skin so I need something that hydrates and absorbs into my skin while some of the thicker/richer stuff for dry skin that just sits on top and do nothing may actually clog pores. If you want some lightweight hydration or your skin don’t absorb things easily, then a gel mask like Fresh and PTR would be good for you. Since gel masks often provide a cooling sensation when applied, they may burns/stings a bit if your skin is irritated/chapped/raw. If that is the case and gel/lotion hurts or they don’t provide enough hydration, then perhaps a mask that doesn’t dry like Origins Drink Up, Fresh Black Tea or Boscia Bright White is better. The latter two I’ve tried a sample of before starting this blog, so no thorough examination/pictures this time.

Other contenders:
–         Fresh Black Tea: the texture reminds me of very fluffy mash potato, except of course it does not smell like mash poptato at all. In fact, I can barely detect any scent. It does not provide any cooling/wet/tingling sensation upon application, almost like touching your skin with your finger. If you have dry sensitive/irritated skin that burns/stings when you apply anything to it, I highly recommend this.
–         Boscia Bright White: one of the first peel off mask Boscia come out with. It is a hydrating, brightening and anti-aging mask. I can’t speak to the anti-aging part and the brightening isn’t noticeable, but it is indeed hydrating. My combo skin gets a little oily in the summer and when I tried it, it was SO STUFFY! But later when I tried it again in the winter when my cheeks are chapped, it was perfect. It does not irritate sensitive/chapped skin, and while you won’t get that moist feeling when you take it off, your face will feel more hydrated/smooth. It is very soft tho and impossible to peel off in one piece. If you are having difficulty taking it off, just get some scotch tape, smooth it over the mask and the scotch tape will help peel the mask off (in scotch tape size/width, which is better than picking/peeling hundres of tiny sliver of the mask off your face).

Hydrating masks will give your skin a boost but their effects are temporary. It’s kind of like first-aid, where it will definitely help your skin but to actually eliminate dry/flaky skin, you need a proper skincare regimen and maybe regular/weekly use. So that is that. Dry skin begone!


8 thoughts on “Test Test 123: Hydration Mask Showdown (Fresh, PTR and Origins)

    1. You are welcome. =)
      I’m trying to fix my skin, so I figured I might as well make a post about it if I’m going to take notes. I looked into GlamGlow but it’s an overnight one. I might get a sample and mention it in passing in my skincare journal, but I’m more interested/want to do a post about sheet masks and I think after that I’ll no longer have dry skin so I won’t be able to attest to the effectiveness of the masks anymore, until nxt yr anyways, lol.

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