Skincare journal: new beginning!

While I have started a couple blogs before but I always stop after a month or so. Well, it’s almost a new year which means a new start, and I need something to help me polish up my writing skills. I go by BeautyTester on BeautyTalk, which is a beauty forum run by Sephora. However, there are limitations and lack of some functionalities make some things I want to write about difficult. And I’ve always wanted to pick up blogging again, so here we are. The blog will mostly be about skincare, some product reviews, some makeups, and some tips/info about beauty.Β Since my skin is currently misbehaving and I have ~80 skincare products, I decided to start a skincare journal for the new year.

Skincare stash

I’ll try to update it every week. For more information on what a skincare journal is, this site is what I’m basing my journal on:Β

Right now I’m putting things into place and working out the details. For now, happy New Year to everyone who reads this. =)


11 thoughts on “Skincare journal: new beginning!

    1. Yay first comment! You get 10 brownie points (not redeemable for actually brownies). Hopefully the skincare journal will help tame my unruly stash of skincare, and happy New Year!

  1. Woooooo congrats on the new blog! I love the flying makeup items in your banner up above, got a good laugh out of that. Looking forward to when you get around to reviewing that Algenist (the 0.5oz sample in a jar), I got one in a Blitz bag and loooooooove it so far!

    1. Thanks! Took me a while to decide what to put as banner and to photoshop the makeup on there.

      I LOVED that Algenist moisturizer when I first tried it on, then I melt into a puddle of sadness when I first saw the price when I searched for the full size one, lol.

    1. Thanks! Now that I’m done fiddling with my blog design, I’m in the process of getting the blog reader thing to work so I can follow your blog, if not then I’ll just do email. =)

  2. I love your header image! Too cute!

    I think the idea of a skincare journal is a good one, I should probably give something like that a shot. My skin is in good shape right now, but I need to pick a new day moisturizer/sunscreen and night cream to use and I’d like to pay better attention to what does and doesn’t work for me so I can see patterns between brands.

    Also I love the skincare stash porn, I’m scared to put everything of mine together in one place, haha.

  3. I refuse to take a picture of all my skincare. It would probably make me cry to put it all in front of me and force me to acknowledge how much I have!

    1. Yay follower! It took a little effort to get the bloglovin button on there, glad to see it’s utilized. Yup, the skincare journal is my attempt at keeping me accountable with my skincare. I did trade 1/3 or 1/4 of it for makeup on BeautyTalk….=P

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